SD Card blank (fix for "NO SD CARD")



Just to let you know, my SD card arrived blank; fortunately I’d already downloaded the backup copy and copied and expanded the files onto it, but thought I’d report it for anyone else experiencing the same problem.



[Mod Edit] If you tried Firmware Update (or formatted your SD card) and now you’re having this issue, the solution is provided further in this topic -


Re: SD Card blank

Thanks for letting us know! A few SD cards do seem to fall through the cracks… we’re improving our manufacturing process to catch those!


“NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

After exporting my project to my BeatBuddy from the BB Manager, it looks like repeating a power up sequence displaying “NO SD CARD”. I have tried many kinds of SD Cards and power supplies but in vain.

However, it seems working when I put a blank SD card in it but only displays “NO SONG” and does nothing else any more.

Considering these behaviors of my BeatBuddy, it must be a software problem not a hardware problem that has something to do with its configuration file or that binary .BCF file, I guess.

Please help me !!!

p.s. The headphone dial was very loose so I open the box and found the screw was loose as well about to come off.

Tasuku - A Beat Buddy user in Japan


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Probably something gone wrong with the content update. When unplugging USB devices always make sure to remove them safely -
Re-download original content from, remove everything from the original SD card BeatBuddy was shipped to you, then extract the downloaded archive onto it.


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Hi Daefecator,

Thanks a lot for you suggestion.
I have tried exactly what you suggested several times but couldn’t make it.
What happened to the content of the SD card ?

I did everything that I could come up with but in vain.

Is there any way to put my BeatBuddy back to a factory default setup ?

Tasuku - A BeatBuddy user in Japan


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Hi Daefecator,

An additional information.

I have been trying to find out which file causes this malfunction and finally I found one!
If I remove CONFIG.CSV in the SONGS folder of the SD card, my BeatBuddy stays on displaying “NO SONG”.
It won’t repeat rebooting as before and I can select the drum set by pressing the Drum Set button.
BUT nothing happens when pressing Tempo, arrows and foot buttons !!!

How can I fix the CONFIG.CSV file ?

Or maybe this could be a hardware problem.
For example, it would start a rebooting sequence when it enters into some specific process which requires much more current for processing that causes a voltage drop of the power supply !!!

What would you say ???

Tasuku - A BeatBuddy user in Japan


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Hey! What you’ve done there is not by any means fixing or diagnosing a problem :slight_smile:

You specifically replaced one problem (somewhere in the content there most likely is a corrupted file that is unable to be read) with another one (you removed the ‘table of contents’ file, and content is now unable to be read at all).

If BeatBuddy worked when it was shipped to you, and now doesn’t work after you’ve attempted to modify its content - then don’t worry. This is all fixable - your BeatBuddy is not broken! Did you try erasing everything from an SD card and replacing it with a fresh copy from the downloaded archive, as I’ve already advised you?


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

I have already erased everything from an SD card and replaced it with a fresh copy from the downloaded archive many times as I told in my second post.

The CONFIG.CSV file doesn’ t seem to be corrupted as it is readable and every file corresponding to its name exist in the SONGS folder.

My BeatBuddy worked perfectly before I exporting the entire project including my song to the BeatBuddy using the BB Manager.

I tried the original 4G, 16G and 32G SD cards and the two types of 9V-500mA AC-DC converter and 9V-2A power supply finally. Nothing resolved the problem. It means its not current draw problem but a software problem, I should think.

I guess some important parameters in the system EEPROM in the BeatBuddy not in the SD card must have been erased or overwritten, I mean corrupted by exporting.

I don’t think you have answered my question below.
" Is there any way to cold boot the BeatBuddy so I can put it back to a brand new BeatBuddy?"
If you feel its not a hardware problem, please tell me how to fix it !

Best regards,



Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Hi Daefecator,

Sorry, I have completely misunderstand that I thought you were an employee of BeatBuddy.
I should have asked questions to a BeatBuddy’s technical support team.

Anyway, I watched your YouTube demo !
I am very impressed your play using a looper and a BeatBuddy, excellent !
Let’s enjoy playing guitar with a BeatBuddy !

Best Regards,
Tasuku - A BeatBuddy user in Japan


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for your comment on my faulty BB!

I think you are right. It might be a hardware problem.
I guess I should contact the BB team regarding the problem I have.

It may be unlucky for me to have this kind of an initial failure device but at the same time I feel like participating a development work of a device that I have been dreaming of.

Let’s enjoy “Early Adapter” !



Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Well, that definitely sucks that you are unable to use your BeatBuddy.

After extracting an archive an SD card should contain DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONG folders, that should be unpacked and be in the root of SD card. If you already did that, yes, you’d then better contact support directly at


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Thanks Daefecator !

Yeah, before the problem occured, I was satisfied a lot with the sound quality and functionality of my BeatBuddy.
Now I cannot even hear its sound. It’s sucks !

I sent email to the support team and hope they’re going to give me a good solution for it !

Your efforts on posting this forum helps many users of the BeatBudy like me, thanks again !
Keep doing it !


Tasuku - A BeatBuddy user in Japan


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

same for me…
beatbuddy worked perfect before i tried the firmware update 0.0.2
now nothing works
so I erase my card, unzip the “final content v120” in it and that’s not working, it goes “NO SD CARD” and it blinks repeatedly just like you
I’m sooooooo sad


Re: SD Card blank

I have a problem on my BB
nothing works after firmaware update 0.0.2
so I erase my SD card and expend the “final content v120” in it and solve nothing
the lcd screen say “NO SD CARD” and it blinks
what’s wrong please?


Re: SD Card blank

Are you sure there are at least four service folders present right at the root of SD card - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS?


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Wait, what firmware update 0.0.2?! I know nothing about that…


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

hi on the Beatbuddy Manager, i open “Tools”
then “update firmware”
a window “firmware manager update” opens
I click on “check for update online”
then i see “version 0.0.2”
i click on “update firmware”
everything goes wrong after that, so i delete my original beatbuddy sd card and replace with “finanl content v120” found on your website…


Re: SD Card blank

I have this on the root of the sd card: drumset, effects, midi loops content 1.2, params, songs, hash.bcf
so 5 folders and a .bcf file
from “Final content v120” on your website


Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Damn… That’s not good. I am not sure if this was supposed to work this way. I’d contact support at, as I am not sure I am allowed to upload a firmware yet.

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Re: “NO SD CARD” Blinks repeatedly

Thanks Deafecator, I had contact support to… Hope will be fix soon

ps: sorry for my bad English, I’m from France