SD Card not recognized. How to format on a OS X?

it´s a 32 GB Sandisk SDHC 10 card, so it meets the specs.
tried to format to MS-DOS Fat 32. Apple gives me 3 Options for the Partition:
GUID, Master Boot Record, Apple
I tried all of them without success.
Downloaded a program from the SD Card Association:

Why is no Information in the manual how to format the card?
Why isn´t the Aeros capable to format the card?

You don’t need to partition the SD card
Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 2.15.38 PM

Because new SD cards out of the wrapper are already correctly formatted.

Good question, however:

  • It’s not a core functionality of a looper to format SD cards;
  • Most likely the developers assume that users will use their computer to format SD cards and other media.

thank you.

yes i know, i didn´t try to partition, but since Big Sur 2 things (i don´t know the correct name for it, when it´s not Partition) show up when you insert a SD card:

Its possible to select and erase both of them individually , and the upper one gives you the GUID and Master Root options.

i only tried to format, because it was a brand new card out of the wrapper and i couldn´t save to it.

  • It´s not core functionality but every cheap camera will do the trick.
  • i bought the device because i don´t want to have a computer around all the time.

Anyway: it´s working now, because the card is only recognized when it is inserted before i boot the loop studio.

Is this intended behavior?

Have you successfully installed and are you using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) on your Big Sur computer and is it a newer M1 Mac?

BTW, check that your SD card is not locked.

This surprises me. Even my lowly Digitech JamMan SoloXT looper has the ability to format its memory card as well as most any other of my devices that can record to the memory card or a thumb drive. Handy to almost essential function if one wants to clear a card totally without having a computer at hand. More than once I’ve done card formats in my JamMan when I’ve had a bunch crappy loops and wanted a fresh start.

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Hey there, we do not intend the Aeros to handle formatting of cards, that was never the intention of the product and that is why we always suggest a 32 GB FAT32 class 10 SD card, we do not suggest using a V rated chip (Video card), but you may find no issue using one.

Thank you and definitely use Persist’s knowledge here!

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