SD Card Specs

Hey All,

I looked in the manual for specs on the max size and recommend spec for SD Cards and can’t seem to locate the info.

I have a 32GB SD Card which works well for recording in a digital mixer. When I formatted it and loaded up the premium content, the BB does not play any sound! The songs all show, but there is no volume on the outs or the headphone jack.

I have the latest firmware loaded up and have checked all volume levels. I popped the original card in and it did work. I then formatted that card to build my own library, and after loaded in the premium content, that card does not play! I have even tried to reload the firmware.

Can anyone tell me the proper speed / spec / max size I can use in BB?

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Default: 4Gb class 4 card
Max size: 32Gb class 10
Format: MS DOS 32 Bit

If it was formatted on a Mac, that’s probably the problem. I think Windows 10–but am not sure that the default formats to 64 bit.

I formatted it on a Windows 10 machine. Thanks for the spec. I will pick up a couple of 32GB 10 cards and try again. Any special formatting or setup other than plugging into computer and using software to create a project on the card?

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Other than formatting the card as MS DOS 32 Bit (FAT), no other special requirements. Try with the 4Gb card again:
[]make sure SD card is not locked
]format using your computer SD slot reader—not the USB cable connected to your pedal
[]copy or drag the 5 f/w files to the top level of the SD card and eject the card
]with the pedal powered off, insert the SD card and power up
[]check in the pedal settings for the f/w version; if it reads 2.0.4, it’s good; power down and remove card
]insert card in your computer
[]assuming the songs still play on your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), from the BBM File > Menu > Export > Project to SD card and accept prompt to sync; eject
]test in your pedal making sure all patch cables are seated in the jacks and you’re using the correct BB power adaptor

Well, I believe I found the problem. It is the Newb BoneHead syndrome! I was building the card with ALL premium packs from scratch! Guess what I did not have on the card? Yep, DRUMSETS!!!
I have recovered from my cranial-rectal inversion problem!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the card specs again!