SD Card Specs

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I looked in the manual for specs on the max size and recommend spec for SD Cards and can’t seem to locate the info.

I have a 32GB SD Card which works well for recording in a digital mixer. When I formatted it and loaded up the premium content, the BB does not play any sound! The songs all show, but there is no volume on the outs or the headphone jack.

I have the latest firmware loaded up and have checked all volume levels. I popped the original card in and it did work. I then formatted that card to build my own library, and after loaded in the premium content, that card does not play! I have even tried to reload the firmware.

Can anyone tell me the proper speed / spec / max size I can use in BB?

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Default: 4Gb class 4 card
Max size: 32Gb class 10
Format: MS DOS 32 Bit

If it was formatted on a Mac, that’s probably the problem. I think Windows 10–but am not sure that the default formats to 64 bit.

I formatted it on a Windows 10 machine. Thanks for the spec. I will pick up a couple of 32GB 10 cards and try again. Any special formatting or setup other than plugging into computer and using software to create a project on the card?

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Other than formatting the card as MS DOS 32 Bit (FAT), no other special requirements. Try with the 4Gb card again:
[]make sure SD card is not locked
]format using your computer SD slot reader—not the USB cable connected to your pedal
[]copy or drag the 5 f/w files to the top level of the SD card and eject the card
]with the pedal powered off, insert the SD card and power up
[]check in the pedal settings for the f/w version; if it reads 2.0.4, it’s good; power down and remove card
]insert card in your computer
[]assuming the songs still play on your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), from the BBM File > Menu > Export > Project to SD card and accept prompt to sync; eject
]test in your pedal making sure all patch cables are seated in the jacks and you’re using the correct BB power adaptor

Well, I believe I found the problem. It is the Newb BoneHead syndrome! I was building the card with ALL premium packs from scratch! Guess what I did not have on the card? Yep, DRUMSETS!!!
I have recovered from my cranial-rectal inversion problem!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the card specs again!


Hi, I’m new to this forum but also have questions with regards to the sd Card.

  1. Do you always have to format the card? And always on a Windows-pc/laptop? Because I have a Mac and I wanna download extra content for my brand new BB on my Mac.
  2. Does the default SD-cart currently in my BB has enough space for the download of additional content? Or do I have to purchase a new (bigger) one? And if so; how do I get the default content back on the new card.
    Maybe there are a lot of threads about this subject, but I couldn’t find them, so hope you all don’t mind bothering you with these questions…
    Thnx in advance for your advice!

No. New cards are already formatted properly. If you ever have to format a card, you can do so using Disk Utility or the Terminal.

You should be good to go for several hundred songs and a dozen additional drum sets.

If you have not yet read the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) QuickStart Guide or User Manual, it will help you to understand the BeatBuddy (BB) as a system and how to accomplish some of the tasks you have questions about. Click on resources to learn a little bit more about the system and the forum.

If you need or want to buy a new card, consider a 32Gb SDHC CL 10 card. No need to get the most expensive. Use it as a backup card, especially if you’re a gigging musician.

There are tutorials and posts on how to put the default content on a new card.

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Hello Persist,

Thanks for your reply. And thanks for the creation of a fantastic product! I’m so happy with the purchase of my Beatbuddy last week! Allthough I watched the tutorials and searched the forum I do have a lot of questions :wink:

Due to my poor understanding of the English language I guess…

For now I’ve got two “urgent” questions…I’ve downloaded a couple of single songs (to try out), I’ve put the sng files in a new folder on my desktop (IMac). Now I want to store them on the Beatbuddy. I’m not sure whether I can put them directly on the BB by connecting the BB via the usb cable and drag and drop them or do have to put them first in the BB manager and then sync it with the BB. And if I do store them do have to use a whole new sd card? Or can I use the default one in my BB?

And when I can use my default sd do I have to erase the current content first or can I just put the songs on to the BB?

Sorry for all these questions (probably the answers are out there already) and my poor English!

Kind regards,

Ruurd Heise


Some thoughts to help guide you on the use and enjoyment of your BeatBuddy (BB).

The BB is a system consisting of the pedal, SD card and the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and they all depend on each other. Your computer OS plays an important but minor role.

You cannot use the macOS to manage the content on your system—you have to use the BBM to do so.

If your Mac has an SD slot reader put the SD card in the slot reader. Avoid connecting your pedal to your Mac via the USB cable as the data does not transfer reliably. If your Mac does not have an internal slot reader, I suggest you buy and use an external USB slot reader.

To answer your questions:

  • Unzip the BB songs to your desktop
  • Use the BBM to create a new folder in your project; name the folder; make sure your new folder is highlighted (selected)
  • Use the BBM File - Import - Songs and select the songs on your desktop and press OK
  • You don’t need a new SD card, use the BBM as mentioned above. You don’t need to erase the content on your SD card to get new songs on to it.

Place the SD card in your Mac’s slot reader
Use the BBM File - Export - Project to SD card and accept the prompt to link the card for future synchronization. Keep in mind that the Mac version of the BBM Synchronize menu entry will be grayed out after quitting the BBM or restarting your Mac. This is a known bug in the Mac version and you will have to use the Export Project to get the content in to tour SD card.

I don’t know if this simplistic illustration will help but please let me know what you think:

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So far so good, Persist! Songs are landed from the BBM via import and export on the BB. Thnx!
While getting step by step more into all the features of BBM and the BB I’ll probably will have some more questions. Before bothering you I’ll go thru the forum and tutorials.
Kind regards,

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