Sd cards or bb bug

II’ve been having problems with any SD card I use. I have 4 and they all have problems and suddenly one of them loads randomly. I already cleaned the inside of the bb but it didn’t help. I bought new SD cards and it didn’t work. Sometimes the bb loads but doesn’t play because it doesn’t load correctly. I hope someone helps.

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The problem might be in your adapter, instead of your sd card or the BB,( I see you use micro sd cards in the same type adapter). You maybe can try a differend adapter card or a full size SD card and see if it still has the problem

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but isn’t it strange to have a problem with 4 adapters…? I didn’t know there was a full size SD card to buy. I will look for it in Brazil.

Is this a good one??

Sandisk 16gb Ultra Sdsdunc

yes that would be a good one, Regarding the adapters, it would be stranger if you had 4 different brand adapters and none of them would work. Since they are all the same brand it might be a bad batch.

Not sure if it makes any difference, but does it not load the SD card if inserted with the BB powered off and then powered on? I have never tried inserting a card while the BB is powered up as I thought as it boots up is when it reads the card.

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I think the adapter must be the problem because the folks of Singular Sound sent me their stock SD card. It’s a full size ss card and I’ve never had any problems to load it.

unfortunately this doesn’t solve it. the bb does not load the SD card.

What is the message displayed on the BeatBuddy (BB) screen?

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Invalid sd or no sd card or unable to read

But the strange thing is that sometimes if I move the SD with my hands inside the BB it reads it. So I have the impression that the problem might be the adapter. It looks like it doesn’t fit perfectly inside the BB


Be sure there’s no contamination in the SD slot, blow it out with compressed air to be sure. It might be even something like a hair if that comes between the card and the pins it might cause an error. just a thought.

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It appears the SD card does not make solid contact with the pedal’s media reader.

Try making a small paper wedge and experiment with wedging it in between the pedal frame and the card. It might help making better contact.

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I’ve already cleaned the BB slot several times and it didn’t solve the problem.

The original single sound SD card presents no problems at all. it works perfectly

Anyway, I’m going to buy the full size SD card to test. I just don’t know how I will synchronize because my PC doesn’t have an out for that.

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If your computer does not have a built-in SD slot reader, perhaps you’ll consider buying an external USB slot reader.

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I load and unload my stock SD card into my BB while it is on and it never fails to read.

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Get a usb sd card reader. That’s the most reliable way. Avoid those micro sd cards and use the full size ones.

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