Select Song via Midi

Hi everybody,
im working on my ipad with setlistmaker for my songsheets. Every time i change to another song setlistmaker switch the preset (midi cc command) to my connected tc-helicon voicelive play gtx. Thats great and i dont have to take care to select the wrong preset etc. My wish is to do the same to the beatbuddy. I know there is no way to realize it at this time but if more people here have the same wish to change songs via midi or simlar then its a chance maybe to realize it in future updates.

It could be very simple to manage:

  • every song on beatbuddy gets a number managed by the software
  • these numbers are part of a cc midi command

Every time i make a new setlist for a gig i dont have to organize my beatbuddy songs in a row because my app setlistmaker finds automatic the related song no matter which order the songs have on my beatbuddy.

Wouldnt it be great to have this?

I hope there are some other guys who have the same wish as mine?


This is my favorite requested BB feature, so good to see it requested again. BB team accepted this idea for consideration back in Sept. It’s also in several forum discussions.

My wish is totaly midi control… Select a song, change songpart with or without transition (also select which songpart, if there are more than two), play fills (also select which fill I need), pause or unpause the drums with midi pc or cc and change volume with expression pedal would give me the possibility to save songstructures in my midi controller, select the parts of the song with a single click and use the part I wish as long as I want.
I`ve got two loopers, working this way, only need to include BB.
Please make this possible…(PLEASE).

Love this comment. Especially love a midi command that selects songs based on command from Onsong.

REALLY??? You can’t send a “change program” command to the BeatBuddy via Midi??? I just bought the BeatBuddy seeing that it had midi in and out, and figured you could control it from an app like SetListMaker. Ideally, I’d like to select a song on SetListMaker and use its ability to send midi control commands to the BeatBuddy to select the appropriate song …

For the money I spent on the BeatBuddy, I really expected this functionality … to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.

So … you “accepted” this idea back in September … when might we expect to see a firmware upgrade to handle this???

Yes really!
i hope that will be implemented soon.


This is very unlikely, what you have to realise is that everything with the BB takes time and patience due to there being a small team e.g. There is still not an official Mac version yet although there is a beta. I am not a developer but I assume making the BB fully midi compatible may take quite a lot of work and then there needs to be a ballance of what features to implement and there have been quite a requested. Taking all this into consideration I would be surprised if this was implemented before the end of the year - better to try and work with it the way it is.
By the way I am looking forward to this feature being implemented as well, especially to trigger the samples in the BB from another device, however I suspect it will take some time to implement.

i know its a lot of work to do but if its realized then beatbuddy is extremely flexible. For me its important to switch songs via midi cc so i dont have to take care of it.


I’d also like select song by MIDI. Bet then there are those who want total midi everything.

Same here…

Select song by midi, being able to play sounds over midi (say, from keyboard or electronic drum kit etc.), being able to program a song to play all the way through on BB once you’ve sussed which bits you want where by jamming with BB, having tuning and panning controls in drumkit editor (+ perhaps some editable effects of some kind), being able to actually audition midi files in BB manager before opening them, more kits and songs provided by BB.

Some of these should already be happening but things seem a bit slow round here as opposed to with bigger companies like Roland etc. which is a little disappointing.

…a software only version with midi clock sync or ability to use as a VSTi like EZDrummer would be cool, or an iPad version - we don’t all need to a pedal to use live (some of us just use BB for recording).

As I mentioned in another thread, I love this idea. I wouldn’t even want full midi control… just the ability to selet a song (in Onsong for example) and it automatically cues the correct song on the BB. That would be so awesome!

I’m joining the choir on this one. Full blown MIDI-support starting with patch change.

I second or third or fifth that emotion.
I am looking for and can’t find a thread that addresses this issue, how to select a drum pattern in Beat Buddy via midi. Tempo too!

I definitely would like to have a way of changing songs without bending down each time. I don’t have a set list, I have requests and play music at my whim. Having to bend down and fiddle with the controls each time is a real pain and stops the rapport with the audience.

Can someone in charge please post a link here or on the FAQ under “Technical / MIDI” the latest MIDI implementation sheet (am I the only one who remembers these) for the BB? Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, every MIDI-equipped device came with one of these in the back of the manual. I think that may just clear up MANY of these questions as to what the BB can / cannot do via MIDI.

The BeatBuddy hasn’t got one as the midi is only for midi sync at the moment.

A very late +1. Being able to map PC messages to the Beat Buddy is one of my top feature requests. I’m not sure why the OP suggested doing CC, since this is usually a job for PC. PC does limit you to 128 songs you could select, but unless you were using multiple CC numbers, each CC only has 128 values anyway. And quick/direct access to 128 songs would still be KILLER. Especially if this feature were combined with MIDI Merge functionality. (

I don’t have sets. I play though a book of my choice for the first hour, (Italian, French, Irving Berlin, or maybe Burt Bacharch)
But then, I chase request for the rest of the night (4 additional hours). I have a catalogue of about 3,500 songs. No kidding. I would like to use drums on about a thousand of them.

Need to be able to Control BeatBuddy from OnSong running on a MacBook Pro!!!