Selecting saved songs take me to either the "Empty Track" or just a wrong song

I got my Aeros a few days ago, and can live without most of the “extra” functionality that hasn’t been implemented yet, however this is pretty basic. I spent hours creating a 6x6 song, named it first, recorded everything, saved it, turned off Aeros, turned it back on, the song is still listed, but appears to be linked to a no name 2x2 empty song, and then a new song_8(or 9 or 10, etc.) appears in my song list. I’m running whatever the latest firmware is that gets automatically updated over Wifi.

Hey there, do you remember what you named the song? There is a bug (that we’ve fixed in the latest
beta firmware
) where naming a song with some special characters makes it “disappear” like you describe. You saved this to the Aeros internal memory right?

Brennan, thanks for the quick response. The song is titled Rock1, so no special characters, but that’s a good note on the beta firmware. I think I’ll have to try it out.

Interesting, thank you for giving us the heads up on this and we thoroughly apologize about the lost audio, we are working hard to make sure this does not happen in upcoming versions, thank you for your patience!

Brennan just an update - I upgraded to the beta firmware, re-recorded all my stuff - saved the song to a different name - still no special characters, restarted, and again the song came up as an empty track with no name. I guess I will try to reset the whole thing. If that doesn’t work I’ll just have to return it. Very frustrusting.

…does anyone know how to do a factory reset?

@cgmason1986 I just responded to your email, please check it. I will find you a solution. If need be, we will replace your unit.

@BrennanSingularSound unless otherwise noted, I’ll take it from here.

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