Sheet music for BeatBuddy

I know they say “Q: quickest way to shut up a guitarist? A: put some sheet music in front of him!”

But seriously, for those of us that can actually read a rhythm from sheet music, here is a listing of the Rock Songs collection of the Beat Buddy. The huge versatility of the BB means I’m never going to do all the songs on the Beat Buddy, because it contains loads of patterns I know I’ll never use. BUT, I intend to do some Blues and may be even Country as well.

This is all just so I can bring the sheet up on my iPad (or whatever) during a jam or even a rehearsal and pick the best beat to play along with. I got into a habit of doing this with another app I use (but not so much since I bought my Beat Buddy!), where I just scroll through PDF of the music , and then go back and load that drum loop into my looper. As well as giving you the ‘feel’, it’s also a good reference to find a loop with BPM close to what you’re currently playing.

Happy to provide any interested parties with the working files I used to achieve this. I quantised note starts and ends in Cubase (but any DAW would do) then exported these quantised MIDI files into Musescore to generate sheet music. It wouldn’t be too hard (for someone else?!) to re-generate these as tabs from Musescore if that was more useful.

Very happy to take feedback to see how useful (or not) others find this.

BB Rock songs sheet music (combined onto one page).pdf (52.0 KB)


Good stuff, thanks!
Makes it so much easier to see the patterns first, rather than hit and miss through them on the BB.

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Glad you’ll find them useful. I’m thinking when I’m jamming with friends, etc “lets try this”, dial it up and then see if we can play along with it! If not, look for the next closest to what we want : - )

I’lll eventually do more:
Pop (all?)
Oldies (most?)
Country (almost = rock!?)
Funk (last 4 swinging 16ths !)
Blues stuff (probably only the 4/4 stuff).

I have so many music projects laying around… I’ll get back to it reasonably soon. Let us know if you have any feedback (bigger notes, smaller, etc). I even wondered wether more people would prefer tabs (but I wouldn’t )? I’ve jammed with some drummers that worked from drum tabs, rather than sheet music??? strange but true?!


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Anyone found useable midi drum tracks to import into BB for known songs? I want to play authentic Deep Purple drum tracks.

do a search on the forum, if you want to find Deep Putple songs, by using the magnifying glass


have a look at

(created by Profile - Sachelis - Singular Sound Forum - tell him what a great bloke he is when you’re finished :- )

It’s probably a better way of searching across all forums. I found at least 8 Deep Purple songs just with a Control F “deep purple” (depending on your browser).


Thanks for the reminder, but I’m not the one searching for the songs.

I find it very useful and mush easier to navigate, so thanks!

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