How is it that this is on the interwebs but we know nothing about it? A Beat Buddy LOOPER??!!

YES Please make it happen. This was hinted by one of the SS members in a reply to one of my posts about it after discussing how we need a cheaper and better alternative to the non working option for the Ditto X4 from TC Electronics due to the sync issue and the Boss options are a no go and for those that just want the sync to the BB pedal work out of the box with no funny business or PhD in electronics or MIDI needed :slight_smile:
Yes please SS make it come to life!!

Nothing to share yet? Come on, SS, you can tell me.



Be patient…the longer we wait the better the product will be :slight_smile:
Yes the suspense is killing us but we know it will be good.
Slow but sure…

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Any chance of just an acknowledgment or denial that such a product is in development? David Packouz please?

hahaha good luck with that. they need to keep their secrets to try and beat out the competition and have a 1-up :slight_smile:

Well yeah, but someone spoke to someone…

Yes it was “leaked”/hinted at to me in a reply to one of my comments, and Im sure elsewhere. It was supposed to be at this years NAMM2018 show but I guess it wasnt ready yet so…
but they wouldnt hint at it unless it was coming so…be patient we all want it badly but…dont rush them let them get it right. if its the best option for us we should be willing to wait

No one is suggesting that they rush development to the point of releasing prematurely. Rather, only that they say IF it is in development. If it is, I’ll hold off on buying/learning something else because I AM willing to wait. I think it’s BS to not confirm just because you don’t want to be asked about it.

Chill mate. Running a business is hard. There’s probably good reasons why they’e not talking yet. Singular Sound are usually pretty open with the community.


See this post # 11 from one of the SS staff members jkron a while back (Sept 2017):

and this one (post # 8) from SingularSoundSupport which confirmed it as of April 2016:

hope this is proof enough. there may be others around the threads but its already confirmed…just need to wait for them to be ready to spill the details and Im sure when they are ready there will be a video and lots of stuff to post on their facebook and websites to help get interest about it.
patience is a virtue but I know its difficult esp for me since I am in the target demographic who couldnt use the RC-3 or -300 solution nor the Ditto x4 solution due to them not having the ability or having sync issues not ironed out.

and this one (message #18):

In my defense, the reason I started this thread is that they ARE talking about it – to the press. But I gather that was either premature or the press they spoke to wasn’t supposed to say anything yet (which makes it premature in both cases), so I am dropping the topic for now.


The original post was an accident by our French distributor – they weren’t supposed to announce anything. We gave them a sneak peak at NAMM.

But just for you forum fans, I will CONFIRM that we are developing our own stand-alone looper that will be the best looper ever made (maybe I’m a little biased, but I am serious). I don’t want to get into features (though it will, of course, work flawlessly with the BeatBuddy), price points or timelines right now, but we have made incredible progress over the past few months and it’s really coming together. I am beyond excited to announce this, which is why I’m writing this comment – I was trying to hold off, but I couldn’t help it. Hope the suspense won’t kill you all… we need our customers in good health :wink:

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We heard nothing. We know nothing. We’ll say nothing.

And thanks!

(I feel like there should be some sort of subscription pricing for those of us who end up buying everything you guys build…)



You guys get to be the coolest by getting it first!!! And you also have our deepest gratitude :smiley:

This is great news! I was just wondering about the progress of the Looper, thanks so much for the update DP

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Awesome news David… I’ll need to sell my Pigtronix Infinity Looper

I’d sacrifice my time to do some beta-testing should the opportunity arrive :smiley:

I always thought BeatBuddy is really not usable without external footswitches. Then if I midi connect it to my Helix LT, I have cables coming out of 3 of the 4 sides of BeatBuddy. In the end, even though BB itself is fairly small, all the added cabling and switches take up a lot of room. Then I saw your Midi foot controller and thought it was a missed opportunity. In my mind that’s what BeatBuddy should be, with multiple foot switches already built in.

Now I’m reading about the looper. I’m cautiously optimistic. I hope, however, that SS would consider making it not just a standalone looper, but build in drum machine functions into it. Or some how make it optionally possible to do so.

I don’t know how far along you are with engineering, but in my mind it would be just about perfect if it can pass along digital audio and midi back and forth from Helix LT via USB (so as to bypass 2 layers of DA/AD conversion in between the looper and the source), and let the looper have separate audio out for drum machine part and looped audio.

It was such a pain trying to work with LT, BeatBuddy, and the Infinity Looper. Possible, but not elegant by any means. I sold the Infinity Looper. I hope the new looper will be a notable improvement.

Just fantasizing here.

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Different people use the BeatBuddy in different ways, which is why we chose the modular approach, with the footswitch as optional.

The MIDI Maestro was designed to not only enhance the BeatBuddy’s capabilities, but also as a versatile MIDI foot controller for other devices as well. Though we are considering developing a “BeatBuddy Pro” more along the lines you would like.

Regarding the looper, as of now, it’s a stand-alone device, because we wanted to concentrate on making the best possible looper, regardless of whether you use a BeatBuddy or not. A combo looper/BeatBuddy unit might be further down our development cycle, but we haven’t made that decision yet.

Interesting idea regarding the digital audio over USB – that may be possible, though I’m not making any promises at this point.

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