Slight Reorganization + New Solved Functionality!

Hey Everyone,

I did a bit of re-organization based on feedback we had been receiving regarding the organization of the forum. Previously, we had sections for general, help, user content, etc. with subcategories for each product.

Now we have product specific categories with subcategories for general discussion, help, feature requests, etc.

On top of that, we’ve added new functionality to the Bugs/Help categories though a plugin. OPs will now be able to mark a reply as the solution to their bug, question, or issue. This should help make it easier for future forum visitors to quickly identify the solution to their issues and cut down on repeat threads.

Here’s what that looks like:

Feel free to let me know how you like the changes and keep the feedback coming. Always looking to make this a more welcoming place for new users as well as a better environment for our pro-users to have discussion.


Hello @AnthonySostre, nice to see the Solved plugin appear.
I have one question. What is the criterion for someone to be able to set the “solved” flag ?

As an example:

Yet I am the OP for both topics… So I do not really understand. There must be something else.

Ah ok, I think I got it… it seems it requires the topic to have the #fixed tag…

Ah no :thinking:… I thought I got it but no…

I could set a solution for this one whereas it doesn’t have the #fixed tag… Then back to my initial statement… I don’t understand :wink:

Currently, the solved plugin is only enabled in the help/feedback categories. I can enable it elsewhere though. Do we want it in all categories or just a select few?

I don’t know… some bugs reported will never get a solution and some simple help question may lead to replies you may want to bless as solutions…

For my own understanding what is “help/feedback categories” ? Do you mean “Bugs/Help” and “Reviews and Feedback” ?

Apologies, I mean Bugs/Help not Reviews and Feedback. Was using old names for categories I think.

fwiw I think you should have it set fro all categories. You never know where a poster will choose to place a question or indeed search for answers. jm2c :slight_smile: