So frustrated

I purchased a new sd card. Loaded it with the default files. All works when I insert the new card into the BeatBuddy. I am stumped on how to download some of the songs from the forum. Once I try and download them, I can’t find them on the Beatbuddy or it messes up the SD card and says invalid SD card. Could really use some help! Thanks!

It appears you might be using your computer operating system instead of using the BBMO (BeatBuddy Manager Online) to manage your content.

Since the content is proprietary, it requires the use of the BBMO to get beats, songs, pbf folders and drum sets onto the SD card so that the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal will recognize and play them.

Your starting point should be to read the BBMO Manual and then start to use the BBMO which requires a browser—the manual identifies which browsers support the BBMO.

Since you may have already corrupted your SD card, you might want to delete all of the content and then copy the Default Content 2.1 back to the card and then pick up with the BBMO.

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Thanks! I have reformatted the card on more than one occasion. I have tried BBMO and still issues. I will reread the manual and try again.

Make sure the card is formatted as FAT32. Once that’s accomplished you should not have to format your card again. If you still need help, DM me here on the forum.

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I did have it formatted properly. Finally was able to get it to work using BBMO. Thanks for your help!

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