So the Beat Buddy SD Loaded card?

Being that I’m not much of a tech guy and reading manuals make my eyes glaze over I was wondering something about the loaded SD Card for a little over $200. Is it my understanding that if I buy that card it will have the latest and greatest of all things Beat Buddy produced by Sigular Sound and all I have to do is pop out my current card for this loaded one? If that is the case I read I will also get for one year whatever else they come up with. There is my question how hard is adding “whatever” else they do this year onto this loaded card. I was going to buy single songs because out of the $200 card I only need about $35 worth. But the process seemed too complicated. As soon as they said i needed a blank card I though I’m gonna screw things up. I have no idea what all the midi stuff is about but i’ll cross that bridge later. Is the $200 card worth the investment?..thanks

You don’t need a blank card, you can put the songs on your excisting card.

So are you saying I can buy individual songs from their library and like the Tom Petty pack and just add them to my default card that I just udated the firmware to? What is the difference between what they sell on their site and PBF files made by users?

Please click on the link Helpful BeatBuddy (BB) and BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) links and read some of the user manuals.

You have to use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to put songs and drum sets on your SD card.

To answer one of your questions, if all you want are a few songs, it’s probably less expensive (and wasteful) to buy the songs you intend to use. Although the Premium Library is well worth the price, it probably is not if you’ll never use the majority of the songs.

Thanks, I’ll check out that stuff again. Seems like there is easier ways of explaining things than I have found in videos and reading. Most information starts with a false sense of the reader already understanding certain things, which I don’t…lol