Software Manager

Are there any plans to off the Software manager application that will run under a Linux/UNIX operating system?


I know nothing about short term plans to do so, but as the software is written with Qt, a port may be done in the future. Currently the team is focused on getting a Mac version.

Cool. I could start off the port for you if you wish? Be kinda fun.

The project is not open source, unfortunately.
You can try applying via email at

Any updates on Linux support?

I’m gonna guess that they aren’t presently working on a Linux version. If I’m wrong, I’m sure Support will chime in.

If you’re right, it sucks for me. Haven’t used Windows in years. Never used a Mac…

A Linux version is theoretically possible, but how many people would use it?

Probably a lot more than many realize. There was a time when Linux users couldn’t stream content from Netflix. I can stream now. I use Peterson tuners and they have migrated to a web-based management tool called Peterson Connect. It’s not there yet but they are putting some effort into making it happen. Here’s a reply to a support ticket I opened with them…

The Linux platform cannot be used at this time. We’ll continue to test on Linux as Google keeps updating their development tools. Currently, Linux is preventing Chrome’s ability to access to the USB ports. Many Chrome plugins DO work under Linux but, currently, not many Chrome apps use the USB api ( which we rely upon heavily ).

We’ll keep tabs on this with the hopes that google finds away around it soon

Thank you,

Sue Haslam

Both of the above projects have moved to Chrome based apps. I guess the question would be is can the app necessary for Linux support be developed and maintained in a financially responsible manner. Pretty sure that I’m not the only Linux user who owns a BeatBuddy.

One more thing. When I started asking Netflix about Linux support, the responses that I got were actually sort of nasty. So much so that I almost cancelled my subscription. Many people did cancel. Me? I just reduced my subscription to the least expensive option they had available. A reduction of about 50%. Push back from family members was the only thing that stopped a total cancellation. I guess Netflix got the message as they made it happen.

I never got any nasty replies from Peterson. The response from their representative that I posted above is from October of 2015. It was an answer to my initial contact with their staff on the matter and based on the tone of the message, it sounds as if they had received some questions about it prior to hearing from me.

Hi ebozzz. I just searched on “Linux” and came up with an interesting link. Although it’s a little older, it’s still rather telling. Using the number of 6,236 users on this forum as an informal indicator of the possible number of BeatBuddy owners, only 1 has cast a vote for Linux.

If there is a strong demand for Linux based software, users should cast a vote at the link (or use the Feedback tab [smiley face]:
as this will help Singular Sound to determine whether or not there’s a compelling business case for porting or developing to Linux.

I think I may be the lone Linux vote on that poll but honestly, I’m not sure it’s the best indicator of the number of BeatBuddy owners who might be using the Linux platform.

I contacted the Peterson Tuners folks again and got this reply on yesterday…


Not officially. But Chrome has some interesting info here under ‘Caveats’. There may be something you can do to allow chrome to access the USB device. I’m no Linux expert, but maybe you might find this helpful.

I’m getting ready to give that workaround a try. I may actually be able to manage my Peterson devices from Linux shortly!

Please let the forum know how that works out.

Hi All,
I was also intrigued with this - but as an experiment the other day I ran the Windows version of the Beatbuddy Manager through WINE and it has worked.
There will be a couple of bugs, but at the moment I have managed to download kits, songs, save them to the SD card, and update the pedal - and it’s working great.

I’m running 64bit Ubuntu, and plugged the SD card out of the Beatbuddy directly in to the PC

That’s good to hear, Darren. Thanks for sharing. My luck with WINE on my Mac has been spotty. Works well with some PC apps and others not so well. It gives Linux users an option.

Hi there! Can you tell me how you managed to do that, please? Thank you!!! :slight_smile: