Some problems with bass and drums lines and np stdPbass 63-91

i must be the 100000000 man who have problems to figure out the bass and drum thing. but im confused. Im using logic pro x for exporting the 2 miditracks as one miditrack and when im import it in the song i only hear the bass rolling, but not all notes and not in a loop.
I add my miditrack, maybe someone have time to analyze my miditrack and tell me because its not working

Your Dropbox link does not work so I am unable to download your file. You can zip the file and upload it to this post.

maybe is it working, should be the intro from the song higher from creed

when its not working i try to send later at home
thx you very much

(Attachment Anhang 1.midi is missing)

Ok, now it works, i send you the midi file what should be the intro to the song from creed Higher

Thx a lot

higher creed bass and drums intro 2 (1.6 KB)

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Thanks for providing the file: I’m including some screen shots to help you make sense of your issue.

  1. The first one is how the joined bass and drums appear to the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor. Notice the Not supported notes (click on the screen shot to expand it to full length so you can see all 3 Not supported notes
  2. 41 and 47 are tom instruments (41 being the same thing as 43 and 47 being the same as 45);
  3. you can fix this by raising 41 by 2 semitones and lowering 47 by 2 semitones
  4. 62 is a bass note and is outside the range of the bass notes in the drum set (63-91)
  5. you can resolve this by raising note 62 by 1 octave (or 12 semitones)
  6. The next screen shots are from Logic Pro X to illustrate the above:
  7. 02
  8. If you want your Intro to start on the second bar, this is fine however, you should probably move both regions to Bar 1 Beat 1
  9. B1 (41) and F1 (47)
  10. D2 (62)

If you don’t want to raise D2 by one octave, the workaround is to use a different drum set that has the bass notes in the 0-31 range. Just select all bass notes in the bass region and lower 5 octaves; change your drum set in the BBM. You can try the SUB-Std Pro SWN Bass 0-31

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wow ***** Thx a lot, ill try to figure this out now!!! and let you know

buaaaaaaa :(((

is so hard …

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be okay.

You’ll get this prompt in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) if you haven’t added a file in the Main Drum Loops section of your song. Once you have one and save it, you should not have this error message. Since you’re just trying to build the song and only have the Intro so far and you want to listen to the song in the BBM, move the song from the Intro to the Main Drums Loop, select a drum set (if you have not downloaded SUB-Std Pro SWN Bass 0-31, search for it on the forum; download, unzip, use BBM to Import Drum set and then activate it by clicking on the Drum sets tab and scroll to the bottom of the list of drums—check the box for the kit you just added; if you prefer to use the NP StdPBass 63-91 kit, select it from the dropdown). Save your project and play it to hear what the drums and bass sound like.

seems someone hate me and dont want that i use the BB :frowning:

boah, ill get nuts, with the 62-91 kit the bass works like a charm, but i cant hear the drums …

im so sorry, Drums should be mapped correctly on logic with BD on 36 for example

Highlight both the drums and bass regions and press CMD-J to join the two regions into a single region and then export. It should work now.

you are an angel :slight_smile:

Thx you so much :slight_smile:

im so happy