Song matching tool

Anyone know where to find the song matching tool for the mini 2? Its a feature advertised on the YouTube promo video but cannot find it!

Here choose your device at the top

A big thank you !

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I have the mini2. I also have a large list of beats that i use. What type of music are you interested in? Maybe i can help some.

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Thanks very much . Im trying to figure out how to attach our song list to this post, it will not allow doc files

  • but we have found lots of unusual beats that work really well. I am going to make a video of some clips soon. The mini2 intros are not always useful, usually we bring up the beat then the band joins in, fading at the end.It works!
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Export Word doc to pdf and you’ll. E able to upload to your post. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the info but tried Pdf that wont work either? Here is a the error message

Mick G

My apologies. You can try zipping the pdf or Word document and attaching. What a pain—I thought they had added pdf to the list of allowable files. :tired_face:

Hope this works!!

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Works peachy keen. Thank you

Hi Wayne I’m a new guy.
I’m into rock, hard rock, metal and death metal.
Anything from van halan to opeth. And 80’ metal.
What kind of setting fo you have?

What program opens this?

Files with .rar extensions can usually be opened with Unrar however, here’s a zipped version of the same file:

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Thank you

I don’t have anything for the type of genre you like. Sorry but I’m a country genre type of guy.

Sorry not my kind of music