Song Naming

I finally started naming songs and discovered lower case letters and glyphs are not functioning. My titles show up all caps. Numbers do work.

Aeros or BB? I don’t have that problem.


Yes, there was a problem regarding saving song titles with special characters, they have stated this is something they are going to try to improve upon. This is addressed in the “firmware 3.4.x” thread amongst others. You are not the only one.

Ok thanks. I guess I’m late to the party😃

:slight_smile: Welcome to the lower case character looping party. Bring your own booze and make sure you have an uber ride home.

I’m sure they will iron that out eventually. I’m waiting for the AutoQ party myself.

Weird that my Aeros displays upper and lower case then?

Upon further discovery, the title shows up all caps in the actual song but in the song selection menu it’s upper and lower case.

Hey there, yes, just recently we found out that using a mix of text sizes causes issues when using FAT32 formatting, for this reason, future versions will limit everything to caps, if we don’t choose one or the other, the files cannot be discerned by the looper and leads to issues.

Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

It comes up all caps in the song title within the song but like I type it in the song menu. But no glyphs only numbers.

Yes, I am only referring to versions after 3.4.2 (future versions) that will be different

You don’t have to make the filename the same as the song title. That’s like making an MP3 song title equal to the filename. Meta data goes inside the file.

From Dev:
We use our own meta file for some of the meta information. We could look into it to allow camel case in title and forcing all caps (or lowercase) on filesystem. But some changes will be required since the filename is used in the looper code not the metadata title… It is doable, but will take some time.

Because this is by no means a priority, we won’t be changing this right now, likely once we redesign the keyboard we can look into this.

Thank you for your feedback!

I find it really hard not to be facetious whenever we get a glimpse under the hood; but it’s hard because that sounds really bizarre. You’re saying that the title, filename and keyboard are all connected?

   songBasename = stripInvalidCharactersFromTitle(meta.title);

Wow – crazy hard. You must even already have a list of invalid characters that you’re banning from the title.

Then in the storage you store something like:

  • songBasename + “-meta.dat”
  • songBasename + “-p1t1.wav”
  • songBasename + “-p1t2.wav”
  • songBasename + “-p2t1.wav”
  • songBasename + “-p2t2.wav”
  • … etc … for 6x6 mode

The meta file then has a field in it called “TITLE” amazingly – and that’s what you show in the UI, never the filename. Because it’s in the file content not in the filesystem you can put anything you want in it. Make it length-then-data as stored and it can be random binary if you like – you shouldn’t have to limit it to camel case – you shouldn’t even have to limit it to printable.

These don’t seem like hard design problems; and it worries me immensely that the code base is in a state that makes them so. I hate coming off as a grumpy arsehole – it’s all I seem to do on this forum – but someone high up at Singular needs to get a handle on this as it seems like it’s common across all the products. When you have code bases in this sort of state every update is exponentially harder – and by observation, time between updates seems to be increasing. I don’t think that’s coincidence.


hows the cell phone app coming? we should be able to create, name and adjust settings, with Bluetooth or even over the network. could be as simple as an editable webpage… bending over and the tiny keyboard on the touch screen is not working well for me…so far that’s the main usability problem I’ve had is the in between songs. that and how and when to incorporate beat buddy. seems a simplified versions of purchased beats are needed.

I’ve not heard anything about a phone app, but as a workaround you might be able to get a Bluetooth midi adapter and use the upcoming enhanced midi capabilities.

Hey there, we have only apps in development for the MIDI Maestro, not the Aeros.

The Bluetooth on the Aeros is officially for “stuff” :eyes:, we hope to unveil and keep unveiling cool things as we go.

For now, Aeros is not a Bluetooth device but has capability to connect via Bluetooth so there is room to change that.

i replied here Settings Editor wifi or bluetooth?