Song Requests

Would be great if “Song Requests” was a sticky thread for those who still don’t have all the tools or the skills to quickly create beats.

Here are some requests I have:

  1. Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. Preferably the live version.
  2. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
  3. RIO by Duran Duran
  4. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
  5. Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode
  6. Let My Love Open The Door by Pete Townshend

I can only hope that sticky will help, as I myself regularly move song request topics to generic “Beats” subforum. Users usually create them either in General Discussions, or directly in the genre subforum they feel their desired song should belong to.

But I do really appreciate the purpose of this topic. If this helps users request their songs better, I don’t mind :slight_smile:
But how do you think - won’t renaming the whole ‘Beats’ subforum into something like ‘Beats Requests’ be better overall?

Sure. Beat Requests or Song Requests. Either way the purpose is the same. As long as there’s a central and consistent, intuitive place for everyone to post their requests.

Can someone please post a song file for End of The Innocence by Don Henley or at lease the rimshot drum beat for it please??? Thanks in advance!!

This as a sticky works for me (Y)

“Swingtown” by Steve Miller thanks

Here are three songs I did yesterday and today.
Note - I modified Standard Drum Kit to have tambourine (midi 54) for Back to You. You will have to do that too, or choose another drum kit that has tambourine

We Owned the Night - Lady Antebellum
Back to You - Bryan Adams
The Weight - The Band

[QUOTE="Jim Plummer Here are three songs I did yesterday and today.[/QUOTE]

Hi Jim …
would you mind explaining your song breakdowns . verse, chorus, fills.
I was just trying out your version of the weight …
no problem until transitioning to 2nd verse,
then the long vcl harmony break didn’t quite line up w what I was doing .
thanks :slight_smile:
Why not put those in their respective ‘beat categories’ ?
more exposure, …less hunting . thanks for adding songs.

[quote=“rknrne, post:8, topic:1260”]

[QUOTE="Jim Plummer Here are three songs I did yesterday and today.[/QUOTE]

If you load the song in BB manager you can see the layout (image attached here). I just built the chorus as one big loop. The main loop ends on the walkdown (you put load right on me . . . . . . . ) and the last bar of the walk down is when you press the transition to get back to 2nd verse.

I am not an expert on pressing all the transitions to move to different parts, so, I just simplified so that the transition back to chorus and transition back to verse are the only two to worry about.[ATTACH=full]823[/ATTACH]

Also here is a phone audio recording of first verse, chorus and transition back to second verse.

thanks (Y)

I’ve recently started using the beat buddy and I plan on using it at more gigs as the preset beats can be used for most songs. However, there is one song I cannot play with the presets and it would be great if someone who has experience with the beat buddy manager and creating beats could help me out and create a beat as close to this as possible. It doesn’t have to be exact and it would be very appreciated and helpful for me, thank you.

Below is the song is below that is a video of just the drums, once again thank you in advanced and any help is appreciated.

I have a gig coming up in less than a week, no drummer, and would love to use my Beat Buddy. Problem is that I’m a little slow when it comes to programming, MIDI, etc. and don’t think I’ll be able to learn how to program the beats in time for the gig. Anyone out there happen to have these, or able to make them? Thanks in advance for any help, here’s the list:

China Cat Sunflower (Grateful Dead)
Pancho & Lefty (Willie Nelson version)
Mama Tried
Peggy-O (Traditional, performed by Grateful Dead)
Wooden Ships (CSN & sometimes Y)
Space Oddity (Bowie)
Masterpiece (Dylan)
Deal (Grateful Dead)
Sugar Magnolia (Grateful Dead)
Scarlet Begonias (Grateful Dead)
Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead)
Bird Song (Grateful Dead)
U.S. Blues (Grateful Dead)

Sugar Magnolia (Grateful Dead)
Space Oddity (Bowie) are in beats already.

Thanks for the reply, rknrne, I searched for Sugar Magnolia but couldn’t find it, could I trouble you to point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!!

Here, I tweaked Sugar Magnolia so it sounds better. For the break before the outro I suggest using the pause footswitch, for the accuracy

Here’s enough to get you going on Scarlet Begonias, you might want to make a chorus part from the verse part, the bass pattern is very slightly different

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I appreciate this so much! Sorry I’m such a novice about creating/editing beats, going over the tutorials again and taking better notes, maybe it’ll sink in better this time around. I bet someone could make some good money offering BeatBuddy programming lessons over skype or some screen sharing type of gizmo!

Charles programmed a nice midi editor for free on this site …
that would be a good start learning how it all works .

“Eyes of the World”. The fill is for that little bit with the Bm-A fill between lyric lines

“US Blues”, for the full sound you’ll want to add a maraca to the standard kit, instrument #71