Song Requests

I’m hoping that someone with the ability (I do not) may be able to create some songs and post them here:

  1. Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. Preferably the live version.
  2. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
  3. RIO by Duran Duran
  4. In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Thanks in advance!!

Great idea for this tropic.

I have a requests for:
The Pink Floyd (The Wall - Live at Pompeii - Meddle - Wish you were here - Atom heat mother - Animals - Dark side°
The Cure
ZZ top Greatest Hit
The Rolling Stones

Thank you all

Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)”

I have another song request:

Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode

Thank you Charles

I’m looking for a drum beat for Amie- by Pure Prarie League, I’t sort of like the train Shuffle in Country Beats but that beat is not close enough to work with the song. Thanks for the help

How about this train beat? It sounds pretty close if you use the Brushes drum set. I didn’t know if you wanted the midi file or the .sng file so I’ve attached both.

Thinking out loud by Ed Sheran is quite popular at the moment,

Is a drum backing on YouTube.

Any thoughts on style to match this


I don’t know what style would match so I just quickly whipped up these two midi loops. I’m sure you can add any blues fill in and it would match. Hope it works for you.


Thanks for the above, yes having just listened to the song the beat you have made sound good.

Question is how do I get them from Dropbox onto the BeatBuddy ? Or is there a tutorial already for this


Once you’ve downloaded the files from this thread and saved them onto your computer, open the beatbuddy manager software. Open a new folder (Organize menu) or go to a folder where you want the song. Then click the +Song button. Click Main Loop and add the first midi file, then add another song part and click main loop again to add the second midi file. Hope that helps.

Can anyone do:
Glory Days : Bruce Springsteen
Walk of Life: Dire Straits
Much appreciated!

I’ve just uploaded Walk of Life - Dire Straits. Be sure to read the post in case you want to customize…


Been playing with this one and will certainly add it to our set list, a question for you if you don’t mind,

On the original song at the start the drums are very gentle almost a single beat for the first 4 lines of the song and then come in properly on the 5th line and would like to keep this if possible, If I just bring the drums in from nothing on the fifth line the timing will almost certainly be out, to solve this was I was thinking about making the first four lines of the verse with a single beat part one so I could use a transition to bring the drums in on part two for the rest of the verse with the full drum beat and then use the chorus you did as part three.
With a couple of short fills this could sound really good,

Using a brushes style.

Is this feasible as I am still on a big learning curve with the BeatBuddy,



I have a request for Heaven by The Los Lonely Boys.

Thanks a million man!
I learned how to add the tambourine; If it’s not there initially, you really can’t tell, but once it’s put in it makes a world of difference!
I’m working with my Krome that I got late last year, am just figuring it out and hopefully soon I will be able to add to the database. I’m still new to this whole Midi world!
Thanks again!

Absolutely! That would be exactly the way you’d have to handle this. I took it on myself… here’s what I did. I attached the entire song and after listening to the original version, I realized the chorus has Tambourine in it (Midi#54) so I added it (actually there is little to no ride cymbal too, but I think it sounds better with it). You’ll have to add the Tambourine to the Brushes Kit.

I’ve created 3 loops and 4 fills that are mixed in order that should match the song pretty closely.
Here’s how I set it up…
Intro: Just a 4-count of High Hats so you can time the start of the guitar.
Loop 1: Intro verse with light beat (only 3 beats at a time on the snare beat like the original)… then transition to loop 2 (1 bar fill)
Loop 2: Use this loop for the rest of the first verse, fill, chorus, fill, verse 2, then TRANSITION Fill to Loop 3 (1 bar fill)
Loop 3: Chorus, Fill, Instrumental, Fill (build up), Chorus, Fill, Fill, Then pause and finish out with music only.

I’ve attached all the midi files (.zip) in case you want to move parts around to fit your needs, but that is the way I’d play it. Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, will be in the studio doing our version tommorow with female vocals, will certainly be using the verse and chorus.
Those 3 beats at the start are tricky to get the timing right with the guitar, never noticed before as it’s very quiet on the song, might change it to 4 beats to help with the timing before I bring the drums in properly,



hi guys,
Thanks to everyone who has posted new beats on here they’re fantastic. Can anyone do me a midi file for the fox logo opening? I use it in the bridge of one of my songs but my attempt has been terrible and is letting the whole song down.

Here’s a midi file for the intro with 4 beats instead of 3. Just replace the Intro Verse with this one. I assume you still want it on the snare beat and not on the kick beat (that’s the way the original is).