Song Settings notes

can there be a notes in song settings as to what beat buddy beat/beats/or song was used for loop.

Yes, or for whatever you want to type in?

The restrictions on the filename are making that workaround less palatable.

This would be a pretty simple add to the metadata file the Aeros already uses.

as i already am having trouble using the keypad i figured another line would stop me from messing up what i had already typed for the title/name. Title name with BB beat name displayed below it"…on the song information screen after song is selected…the title “paint me a picture” leaves space for only one more word to the right of it.

my guess is that it was trying to get the beat names into the title that got me frustrated and lead to my previous posts about the setting section being what holds me back the most from getting on a roll.

Hey, this has been requested, feel free to add anything you need there.