Songs Files songs volume

Anyone know what would be the shortest way to retouch the volume on some songs that come in the song files so as not to have to do it note by note in the BBManager?
I have tried it with Reaper or Midi Editor but it is not possible to open these files.

You should be able to export the song to a MIDI file from BBManager and open it in REAPER. Make the changes in REAPER, export to MIDI file and import back to BBManager.

From BBM you can only export to the SD card or in a folder, but Reaper does not recognize these types of files.

Right-click a part of the song and select Export MIDI File ... to export that part to a MIDI file you can edit


Thanks for your help, now I have put the track in the Reaper, but nothing is heard, I will have to look why.

You have a couple of options to hear it in REAPER:

  1. use the internal drum samples (virtual instruments) of your computer, see this post for additional information, Reaper output volume problem

  2. connect BB Pedal to your computer using MIDI cables. You will need the BB Sync adapter cable, MIDI cable and Audio/MIDI interface device (this is usually your external sound card with MIDI input/output if you have one). Then, configure REAPER to use the MIDI Out of the sound card.

Thank you very much, I will look at all this.