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Hello, I would like to control the BeatBuddy songs via a text app (MobileSheetsPro on Android tablet). The text app issues Midi commands. I have the cables and components required to connect the two devices. My wish is that when I load the lyrics, BeatBuddy will automatically load the appropriate song. Even if the order of a setlist changes, the text and drums should remain firmly connected. Who knows about this?
I created the question with a translator because I don’t speak English very well!

Hi Johann,

I’m rather new to the BeatBuddy, but I’m a MobileSheetPro user, too. Just haven’t used it with MIDI yet (nor did anything with MIDI on the tablet).

First of all, I’d consider the new Playlists feature: Keep your songs/beats in the same standard folders and connect the MobileSheetPro songs to the beats in the standard folders. Use playlists to momentarily put your different performances together - there you can switch as much as you want.

What about this approach?

Hello, thanks for your message.

I’m assuming you want to play the songs / beats like an mp3 in MobileSheetPro-audio ?? That means the whole song from intro to all bars and outro has to be created in the BB-Manager and loses the individuality of the BeatBuddys. Since our frontman changes a lot within a song (repetitions, length, etc.), we have to be able to adapt every song from the drums. And you can do that with the BeatBuddy😊

Was that your approach?

Greetings Johann

Hi Johann,

my goal was to help with your question. I understood that you have a problem with triggering a certain song as folder and song numbers may always change within BB. Was that a misunderstanding?

That’s why I wanted to suggest:

  1. You try to keep your folders and song positions absolutely stable within BB. Never move them and always add new content to the end.
  2. You use the new playlists 1…17 to move songs (or in that case the representations of songs/links to songs) around for every new performance.

To look through your BB, you use the playlists, but to trigger the songs from mobilesheetspro, you use the fixed addresses in the folders. Does that help in any sense?

I myself haven’t been doing any of that yet. I do have playlists, though - but for other purposes (practicing without any MIDI control).

Hello, thanks for your efforts.

Your suggestion could work, as I said, you can’t change the order. I have now learned from Thomann that mobilesheets can communicate with the BeatBuddy via midi. My little problem now is that the BeatBuddy is described in English, but with the translator I can do it.

Thanks again

And best regards Johann

I recommend a service like or even better


Hello Mario,

I do not speak French.

Onsong is a similar app to mobilesheetspro !?

I would like to connect the songs from mobilesheetspro to the BB fix. That means, when I call up a song text in mobilesheetspro, the BB and the associated drums are set automatically. Even if the order of the songs changes in different set lists.

Can you help on this topic?

I’m not working with Looper or anything like that yet!

Greetings Johann

Please post to this forum in English so that all users can understand.

Your post in French will be removed later this morning.

You can use an online translator to do so. Thanks for your understanding and support.


I recently had this question and spent some time looking into it.

My understanding is that other folks were asking for this functionality (i.e., a way to reference songs by a fixed number or other ID), SS said it was coming (several times), it was incorporated into a firmware update, then it was removed on later updates.

So no, what you want to do is not possible. It should be possible, since it’s the correct way to do things, but it’s not possible.

This means that you can NEVER change the order of your BB songs, assuming you don’t want to redo all the MIDI work.

The playlist idea noted above by others is a good work-around.

Someone please correct me if the above is incorrect.

Thank you for the information
Greetings Johann

I am very happy, I managed to put the beatbuddy and the RC 500 on the right song at the same time. I use the mobilesheets app on a Samsung android tablet for this, which sends midi commands directly to the RC 500 and Beatbuddy via midi. RC-500 mater and Beatbuddy slave, It works great.


I failed and gave up trying.

Nevertheless, the topic interests me.

I use a Samsung tablet with the Mobilesheets app, the Beatbuddy and the Midimaestro controller. The Beatbuddy and the Midimaestro are connected and synchronized with a midi cable. I have to select the desired song separately on the Samsung tablet and on the Beatbuddy. It has also happened to me that part of it was set incorrectly at the gig.

The midi cable used between Beatbuddy and Midimaestro is a Y-cable, I see a possibility of integrating the Samsung tablet, maybe you can tell me if there is a chance with this constellation.

Kind regards


Thank you very much for your detailed description of the wiring and settings.

Looks very difficult to me at first glance. Since I don’t know my way around very well, I have a lot ahead of me. If I still succeed, I will write again.

Kind regards