Songs not playing in pedal

Only just got a Beatbuddy so be gentle as i’m trying to find my way around it.
Ive imported a few songs into the BBM and they play just fine on my laptop but when i sync to SD card and put the card back into the pedal although i can see and select the song it doesnt play. This is clearly gonna be a rookie mistake but i cant see where im going wrong.
Help please!

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There could be several factors at play (pun totally intended :sweat_smile:) here.

  • make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the kits that the songs use; also make sure that the kit is active by checking the box for that kit in the Project Explorer Drum Sets tab
  • in the BeatBuddy Manager, make sure that you’ve selected a kit in the song—not at the center top of the Playback pane—don’t leave the kit as None in the Default Drum set dropdown
  • make sure your pedal setting is correct: Default Drumset > Enabled
  • if the kit is stereo (bass in one channel and drums in the other), you will need to use patch cables to both L & R outputs
  • make sure you’re using the correct type of mono patch cables (not the stereo or TRS) and that they’re not defective; check that they are fully seated in the pedal
  • make sure volume is set to at least 50% for main outputs and on the side wheel for the headphones output
  • some songs require a double-tap to start
  • when all else has failed, try reading the user guide and manual; you can find the documents in the links from * Link (in blue font) to new user resources
  • many times using the forum Search function will also help you quickly find answers to your questions
  • if you are still having problems, put the unlocked SD card in the computer slot reader and use the BBM to export project to SD card and accept the prompts; try the card in the pedal again

If you resolve the issue, please let us know what you did to fix it.