Songs with Bass - Thanks - and a Wonder?

I wanted to thank Phil, Guitar Stu and Brian for posting the songs with Bass. These songs with bass have changed my life. I am having a blast playing these songs you have generously posted My skills are not where they need to create a song with bass using the tutorials on this board (though I tried). I have only been successful transposing a song to a different key.

I realize this is a labor of love for those that have been posting their songs for free- much appreciated. Here is my wonder- would anyone be interested in converting a few of my “go to” songs on my play list that have not been converted yet for pay? Contact me if there is an interest and about how much you might per song. We can do a pay pal thing.

And if there is no interest in a pay to convert option then please know I will continue to login several times a day to see what gems you have all posted. Sincerely, Ed

What are the songs? No need for pay, if I like the songs :slight_smile:

If any of these are appealing then I would be grateful.

{tDesperado} in E

Aint No Sunshine Am
Bill Withers

{t:Country roads} G
{st:John Denver}

Just the way you are (in B)
Bruno Mars

Let it Be chords G
The Beatles

Simple Man (in A)
By: Lynyrd Skynyrd

{t:Steal my kisse} E
{st:Ben Harper}

{title:Your Song} D
{st:Elton John}

{tDannys Song} D
{st:Kenny Loggins}

You and Me in G

The Scientist in E

{t:With Or Without You} (in C - G - Am- F)

{t:Unwell} D
{st:Matchbox 20}

Breathe In The Air by pink floyd in Em

Every Rose has it’s Thorne by Poison in G

[]Heaven by Brian Adams in D
]Everything I Do I Do It For You by Brian Adams in G
[]Little wing by Jimi Hendrix in Em
]Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi in G
[*]NO WOMAN NO CRY by Bob Marley in C

If you can wait til the next release, which is coming out soon, I can do all of these easily. Right now there is a 500 note limit that makes making songs difficult. That limit is being lifted in the new release! Thats why I have stopped posting new songs lately.

Sounds Good I can wait!

I also want to thank you for all the good beats, It took me a while off & on to learn how to load the songs, etc.

I think they sound great. I really don’t know how to play the songs but I can play my own way to them. Maybe someday I’ll learn some of the songs, lol. Thanks Again!

I’m a bit confused about these drum with bass songs. When I import them with the appropriate drum set , I don’t seem to hear any bass. Am I missing something. Do I have to have the BB connected to a midi device like my keyboard?