Sound Dropout on Playback in Aeros

Not sure how this drop out happened.

Crappy loop for sure but the Aeros is showing that it was recorded…

I then saved the song and rebooted. Then the dropouts appear in the display and are missing.

Go figure.

Hi there,

Are you on the latest Aeros version 3.4.2?

Also can you replicate the issue or is it not clear what happened? Anything notes you may have about what led up to this would be helpful,


Have had this type of issue on the latest release(and prior releases). Not sure how to recreate it. It’s always at the end of the loop.

In the past I assumed it was related to a tempo/time signature change and midi sync … but had the same issue as above without the change (although midi sync was running from the BB).

Might have been pilot error (the BB changed but i didn’t realize it). Not sure why SS doesn’t display a warning/change the background or something else to indicate to the user that there is a timing mismatch. It’s pretty small and not rocket science.

I have had this happen many times on the latest firmware and prior releases. It is very difficult to duplicate. It usually happens when I undo a recording then immediately record again say 12 bars leave a gap say bars 9- 12, then overdub the gap. On playback there is either no waveform showing for the overdubbed portion or no sound. There is no timing change.

Yes 3.4.2.

BT self test fails.

MIDI self test fails. It is connected to a Beat Buddy and a Maestro is upstream (note the Maestro immediate stop isn’t working either – but I think that is a MIDI config issue). I can’t seem to find the video that explained settings on the BeatBuddy MIDI for use with a Maestro and Aeros.

and the saved loop showing the missing part… after I saved and rebooted.

re: duplicate
I’ve had weird stuff going on with this box. loops that terminate after about 1 beat. Clears after I reboot. Can’t readily repro, wish I had a stress test I could run against this HW.

I’m an old software storage guy (cloud storage for IBM, DELL, and EMC – petabyte stuff). Did a startup called Compellent. Anyway the point is we had real test driver simulators that could push IO to make the box fail. This feels like a HW error (primarily) or a possible coding link list error in recording the capture to what I’d guess is a scatter/gather buffer.

Wish you guys had a phone home that would capture system state during a failure.



I wish Jim worked at SS

Are you running a Bluetooth scanning app while you test this? Any one will do! It is working.

For the MIDI, you must connect a MIDI cable to the MIDI out and MIDI In of the Aeros (essentially creating a MIDI loop) for the Aeros to pass this test.

Both tests are passing on my end, please make sure you are attempting them correctly.

I can see the issue as shown in your images, very odd indeed, not seeing it on my end nor have other users reported it so it may be a more particular issue than I can currently diagnose. If you happen to find a good way of replicating the issue or can give any more steps to getting to this state, that will be helpful. Feel free to reach out to for more help if needed.

Some questions I’ll ask, did it ever have the audio written correctly or did it write this way? Also, was this on a project you were working on or one you opened back u after saving? Was the Aeros on for a long time or was this a problem you saw from fresh usage? Also last thing, do you save to internal or to SD?

Because it cannot be identified currently, I’ll tag this as under investigation.

Thank you for your time!


  1. I moved a brand new MIDI cable out from the Maestro directly to the Aeros. All attempted Maestro functions working as expected now. Still think I need to set a MIDI passthru on the BeatBuddy when I reintroduce it. Please advise.

  2. Still seeing diagnostic failure on MIDI self test with new cable and out to in from the Maestro to the BeatBuddy. BT Self test fails without placing Maestro in scan mode, passes when in scan mode.

  3. Is it possible the failure could be related to a bad MIDI cable between the Maestro and the BeatBuddy? I may have had a bad cable. I’ve ordered a replacement cable that will be here Friday. At present, I just direct connected the Maestro to the Aeros, per above. Might have ran out of CPU or seen a MIDI interrupt storm causing the dropout (pure conjecture without supporting evidence). Are there logs on the Aeros that may capture this type of activity?

  4. Ran this AM for about 3 hours without issues.

Come on Brennan. This issue has been reported by several other users. It’s not a new or unique issue.

I get that it is hard to reproduce. Even more reason for SS to devote more effort to this. Is “under-investigation” similar to “considered” (sounds good but isn’t). I think that it’s related to clearing the song is likely as one person noted. Who knows if midi clock is part of the issue. This always seems to occur in the last measure(s), which is a clue. Perhaps the seamless loop or some other end of loop process is part of this.

If we’re not sure it’s a playback issue, perhaps the song can be exported to the SD card to verify if the dropout is in the file or not.

IMHO, looking for a hardware issue and running self-test is unlikely to do anything but be a wild goose chase. Perhaps important to rule out, but unlikely to be the issue.

You do not necessarily need to, we suggest setting BB to MIDI merge, but you may have other purposes for midi control that don’t require BB reacting

The Aeros should be the only device connected, it is a midi loop connecting it to itself. The midi out from Aeros to the midi in. This test doesn’t likely have anything to do with this issue.

It is possible but unlikely because many users use the Aeros with midi.

Let us know if you see any issue!

Unfortunately, this is not the same issue you are referring to, the issue you are referring to is only known in quantized mode, and from seeing the users photos it seems he’s in freeform.

Please understand this is enough to make it a novel issue, I am fully aware of the midi de sync issue

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So you are saying all three of the following are known issues that may result in a dropout and are unique from the OP’s issue?

  • Change time signature/tempo
  • Midi sync attached but no signature/tempo change
  • Clear song
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This is very similar to that issue I reported, last month. But for some reason, mine happened for a bit, and it went away. Never figured out what it was.

It could be that clear song is involved but it’s odd in its placement (usually at the end is where the audio is lost). We have not seen any effect of BB time signature or clock on recording in freeform, MIDI clock sync is disabled by Aeros in freeform mode and time signature is an invalid input in this state. Unless it was actively sending start and stop commands or Transition commands, which are not filtered in Freeform mode.

Thanks for the input!

That’s a good point, @Formula34 if you’d like, try copying(not moving) the Song folder for this particular song somewhere easy to access on your computer and then listen on your computer, are you hearing the missing audio? In the naming of the files, P stands for Part and T stands for Track.

Let us know, thanks!

This might also be related to the bug where the user clears and then edits the song settings (like freeform/quantized mode) … but they don’t quite change.

Maybe a good strategy to fix the known, related bugs. They sometimes manifest in odd ways that are hard to predict.

It happened again this AM. I have a larger video I can post. Way messier. Seems the recording links loop on themselves and the loop itself doesn’t even play the same way through each time. Seems to alternate.

I have a video of it as before.

Really feels like a packet linking issue or some sort of failing “write” that is not detected (I dunno how the live sound is captured – best guess it’s just buffered into RAM).

One interesting bit is that I do a lot of erases on the recording (like more than 20 as I tweak my approaches) which, if not fully reset correctly could cause this type of malaise…

Do you have sync settings on? Or are you in freeform mode with no sync settings? If you can, please reach out to at your earliest convenience with your issue. This will help us better understand what’s going on with more detail.

Thank you!

Free-form. I will see if I can upload a video and the relayed audio files.

It’s better if you send to, it makes it easy for us to tag the issue and will facilitate the process. Thanks!

Email sent with links to the video of the failure and after the failure/save.

Appreciate it! Hope we can solve this soon, we appreciate your patience, thank you