Sound starts recording when the Rec button is released in Free-Mode

I noticed that there is some delay after pressing the Record button and the sound being recorded, getting the loop a bit incomplete (disclaimer: I do live looping for a while, so it’s not me :joy:).
Edit: I just read another post with a similar discussion, so the problem is that the sound starts recording when the Rec button is released (and not when you first press it down), I read it and I tested it inmediately.
Is there a way to change this behavior of the button? @DavidPackouz

Question, are you re-recording an undone track, or recording from the start if the song? Also, what version are you using?

There’s a thread about this bad thing. And we are a lot hopping it’s gonna change.

I’m using the last update. This happens when the Aeros is in Playback mode (it works fine when the Aeros is stopped), but the thing is, if you are in Freemode and you already recorded the first track, you need to stop all the music in order to Record the next tracks properly, that’s the problem.
The Record button should work with the same behavior when the Aeros is stopped and when it’s in Playback, otherwise you’re never gonna be able of record more than 1 track (unless you stop the music) even if you choose to sync the tracks…
I believe this is a really important issue to solve, I wish this to be solved for the next firmware update :pray:t3:

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Which update, the one that is live (2.13.2) or the beta (2.15.5)? As far as I’ve seen the only time the Aeros doesn’t record on the press for freeform is when a track is undone then re-recorded. Otherwise the record button is always recording on the press.

I’m using the beta (2.15.5)… This happens every time you record during playback, when you start to record from Stop it works good

You are totally right, that is my bad, I went back and tested it and you are completely right, great catch! I was just going by what is should be doing already. Please be sure this will be fixed soon!

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