Sounds (Crash & Snare) on first beat after intro

I am creating intros that are just cross stick 1/4 note beats. But I am getting 1st strikes on first beat of main loop first bar only that include a crash and snare, even thought they are not in the main loop. None of the aspects of the first beat of any parts include a crash and snare. Where is it coming from?

Likely coming from the fifth bar of the intro/count-in.

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That or the 1st beat of the main loop…

Problem is there is no 5th bar in intro & no crash/snare on 1st beat of main loop. When I go to edit I do see a very faint thin red line at the end of the 4th bar of the intro where a 5th bar would start. But there is no 5th bar and no way to access that thin red line to eliminate the crash and snare. Some kind of vestigial midi stuff within that thin red line?

Export the MIDI file from the BBM and append it in a reply to your thread which might allow users to take a deeper dive into your situation.

Typical older midi drum patterns are created with very short note lengths to trigger a drum hit. These short notes will trigger a hit in the BB, but will not show up in the BB Manager Midi Editor. They will show up in a better DAW. My guess is that”s what is going on, but I’d need to see the midi file.

That faint red line is the beat you need to delete. Zoom and destroy!

How do you zoom in on a very thin red line at the end of the intro?

took intro midi file and put in Abelton - Found the crash and deleted. How do I save it back to proper place in BB?

Thanks folks

It’s a MIDI file, so export/save/render to MIDI in the original folder it came from. Then go to the song in BBM, open the intro and re-import it. I click on the part and hit ENTER as soon as the Open dialog box opens.