Span track across multiple parts (LOCK TRACKS) EDIT*

There are other priorities right now, but lock tracks will be coming after MIDI implementation, which is next. We appreciate your patience, and we are working diligently to get this right!

+1 form my side

+1 from my side. Definitely a must!

As long as it’s implemented as a simple copy the opportunity to add an additional layer independently of the track seems to be easily feasible.

Sounds awesome … did this ever get published ? “Lock Tracks” would definitely make me take a harder look at the Aeros.

Nope, we still do not have that kind of visibility, and no clear plan is available.

Yet, it doesn’t mean there is no improvement and there is an ongoing attempt to provide more visibility by tagging bugs and requests (which looks a bit like one request I made) and @BrennanSingularSound is currently tagging existing bugs/requests.

This is what I would qualify as the bottom-up approach. We will have an idea of the content of next releases by analyzing the tags.
I also proposed at some point the other way round, the top-down approach, by maintaining a kind of rolling log of features.

I would have thought the latter to be simpler to maintain and read (and even more integrated with their current way to publish release sheets along with new firmware), but maybe I 'm wrong, and I won’t complain as I requested both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So now waiting for that one to be tagged or marked as duplicate or something :wink:

Thanks @LaurentB.

So, interestingly, this feature (or this thread at least) is not tagged along with the other features.

Is there another thread for ‘lock tracks’ that I can follow ? Or should I ping @BrennanSingularSound to tag this one I wonder ?

Just looking for a way to keep tabs on the progress (or the release, at the very least) of the ‘lock tracks’ feature.

This is the related Lock tracks thread, any comments you need to add or make about Lock tracks can be made here.

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Great to know it’s now in progress. Thank you.

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+1 would really appreciate this kind of transparency

This is not the topic of this thread, please refer to the proper topic (linked above in @LaurentB’s comment) and post all comments there. Continued off-topic comments are subject to deletion!

It’s been a while since this thread was updated … has this feature been added yet, or is it still in progress ?

yeah lock tracks finally got added a month ago.

Yup, confirmed.
That was delivered in firmware 3.2.x.

Hello. I appreciate the lock track feature very much. The only thing I wish was different is that the lock feature could be saved (without the song having any recorded tracks)

When I am practicing a song, I usually have to do many takes to figure out how I’m going to go about doing the loop performance.
If I can’t save the lock feature, I have to be leaning down many times to re-enter the lock function.

I apologize if this has already been requested. Hope it can be done. Thanks

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Regarding the leaning down many times part.

There’s hand free lock track function. Manual page 18.

“To lock/unlock a track hands-free, in the mixer page, hold down the lowerleft button to change the command of that button to “Lock”. Tap the
button (not hold) to lock the selected track. To revert the Lock Track
command back to the ‘Exit Mixer’ command without locking a track, hold
the lower left-button down again.”

Along the same lines of saving the Lock setting, the MIDI CC:34 command for “New Song” that’s supposed to be based on the previously loaded song also does not configure Lock how you had it either. It is a pain for rehearsing.

This is fixed in latest beta!

Did you make a bug report for this by chance? Thanks!

Hi @BrennanSingularSound

Maybe this could be tagged as fixed ?