Splitting midi into parts?

anyone know how to split a song up into parts using speedy midi or something similar ??

What do you mean by “parts” in this context? Verse/chorus, or drums/bass?

intro,verse ,chorus etc so I can hold the pedal to advance to the next part in the beat buddy. I could say solo over a part and when dine hold the pedal down to advance to the next part.

I’d imagine it’s as simple as cutting the MIDI file and exporting it in those chunks, just make sure the tempos of your song and the session on the MIDI editor are matched and you have the measure # right. I have never used “speedy midi”, is that an application?

It is, especially if we’re talking about commercial songs, which tend to be quantized to death.That said, though, do make sure there are no notes that cross boundaries between parts or you’ll end up with a double tap at the beginning or end of your parts.

Another tip: If the original part has the fill at the end of it, you have two choices:

  1. You can cut the part down to a smaller component part (e.g., an 8-bar passage probably has seven bars plus a fill, so you’d make your part from the first four bars), and then build a fill from the last bar for your transition; or
  2. You can leave the entire part, transition fill included, intact and not include a transition fill from part to part. That will cause the BB to play to the end of the bar in which you select the transition (which you can trigger ANYWHERE, and not just at the end) and then jump to the next part. The overall effect will be “part - transition fill - part,” but, in reality there is no transition fill, the last bar of your part just happens to include a fill.

What else do you need to know?

I think he wanted a free or cheap program, like speedy midi. I’ve quit making recommendations.

I’ve used Reaper to select MIDI chunks and save them as MIDI files. Pretty easy. Reaper can be used free, but well worth its cost.

yes its a free midi editing app but there doesn’t appear to be a split option.Do you use a midi editor that does that ?

How do I get reaper to play a midi file there is no sound when i import these ?


Along with Persists post, this is how I route MIDI to the soundcard sounds. Note the ‘routing matrix’ tab bottom left

You need to ADD via FX option on the MIDI track, a VST instrument.

This totally worked thanks I have tried for some time to make this happen !