Standard pro with bass

hello BB forum members,
I’ve purchased. The standard pro kit but cannot find the bass guitar. Is there a different one I should download to get bass guitar with the drum files?

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Hello Phil, this is actually the first forum I’ve been a member of so please forgive my lack of forum manners. Do you have info on how to get a drum kit with bass guitar?

The info is in your inbox. It’s the little envelope icon at the top of the screen after your name. Click on that. Reply to the message in the inbox, not the open Forum.

Hey Phil can you send me that link for the bass guitar? Thanks!

Hi Phil, I purchased the pro kit as well. I’d like to know how to get the Standard Pro w/Bass as well. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey Phil. I have the Standard Pro kit also, and would LOVE to get the bass guitar if you don’t mind another request. Thanks! :

Hi Phil, any chance you could help me with getting a bass for the Standard zero? Thanks!

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hey phil may i also get the np standard pro bass? proof of purchase attqched

EDIT: I removed your proof of purchase for privacy reasons. Please contact Phil Flood via Conversation and provide him the proof as an attachment in the Conversation.

May I ask what the bass part is as it relates to the BB? Is it a bass guitar sound or ??. I see the drums with bass section, but it doesn’t sound different to me. Also when users upload “OPKB”…I guess what I’m asking is how are you getting a bass sound? (Am I making any sense, LOL!)

You’re making sense.
[]It is bass guitar—not bass drum
]The reason it probably doesn’t sound the bass or other instruments is because you need to download, import and activate the drum set recommended for the song
[*]You also need to select the drum set you activated from the drop down menu within the song

You get a bass sound by editing or building a drum kit, and adding recorded bass notes to a portion of the kit that is not used by the drums. Stock B.B. drum kits have drums at midi notes 36 through 83. The midi notes ranges from 0 through 127. So, 0 through 35 and 84 through 127 are open. Using 4 through 31, you get enough of a bass to replicate everything up to the 12th fret on the high string of a 4 string bass. There are kits with bass guitars, upright basses, and I built one kit with a bowed bass.

THANK YOU, Persist and Phil! I can’t wait to try this!!! I’m going to fire up my computer right now…

Another newbie here trying to figure out the bass kit, how to find it or download it. Thanks

Hi Phil and everyone i also purchased the standard pro kit and i saw you guys talking about having a bass on the kit? how can that happen can you guys teach me? thanks

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I have the Pro Kit as well… Would love to get ur bass kit…


Please could I get instruction on how to get Bass with Standard Pro, I have already purchased Standard Pro.