Hi all

Seems like something is broken here. I am unable to find StandardPBass(1) drum set. All the links found in this and old forums lead to the same dropbox page with 404 error. What am I doing wrong and is there a way to get this drum set?

For example:

Try this: StandardPBass

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Hi. I just created a midi file with drums and bass and then transposed the bass notes up 4 octaves to correspond to the PBass range. I created a new song and imported the midi file into the main drum loop. The drums come out fine, but the bass doesn’t. Is this possibly a midi channel issue? Do all the bass notes have to be moved to Channel 10?

Post the song or midi file that you added to the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and let us take a quick peak.

If you edited the MIDI regions (drums and bass) separately, and then did not join the two regions them before exporting to a MIDI file, that might explain the issue.

I copied the transposed bass track to the drum track and that fixed the issue. They both had to be mid channel 10.
Now my question is:

I’d like to load the song into the beat buddy manager in such a way that it plays the whole midi file then automatically stops, i.e.
I’d rather not have to click pause on the footswitch or hold down the pedal for an outro fill. Is that possible?

Thank you!

Sure. Put the MIDI file in the Outro section of the song and place a NUL file in the Main Drums Loop section.

The disadvantage to this method is that you have to double-tap to start the song and if you are using a looper, it may cause sync problems.

How do you create the Nul file? I created a midi track with nothing in it and exported it, but the BeatBuddy considered it corrupted.
Do I have to add a note then delete it? What’s the trick?

Thanks again.

Nul (1.2 KB)

Here are the two that I use. You can use either one of them by adding to the Main Drums Loop section.

Worked great!!!
Thanks, man! Or should I say “person”. :slight_smile: