Start midi out playback before recording

Hi… I am trying to integrate the aeros loop studio with my digitakt workflow… currently it appears to work, but what I’d like is to have Aeros Loop Studio start the digitakt drums during the “count in” (i.e. before recording is started). Either this, or not automatically record when the song is blank (so I have to hit the record footswitch twice, when I’m ready to record, so I can practice my playing while the digitakt drums are playing).

How do I do this? If this isn’t possible, it seems like a pretty big flaw since I have to either use a click track or start recording immediately.


(If it wasn’t obvious this issue arises when Aeros is set as the midi transmitter)

Hey there,

This is not possible on version 5.0.3 but is possible on beta 5.1.0!

As of 5.0.3. if you tap the Play / Stop All button while a quantized song is stopped and in an empty part, the Aeros will start to scroll. In 5.1.0 we added a setting to send the Start command when scrolling begins, allowing you to start the Digitrack while the Aeros begins to scroll and then you can record the Aeros at the next measure.

Let me know if this works for you thanks for the question!

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Good to hear this is already implemented! I’m excited to check this out, and will have to update to the beta as soon as I have the time.

Recently I’ve been messing with the “auto” quantize mode - paired with a midi drum machine (like my Digitakt) it is simply amazingly freeing to be able to just start playing something on guitar, and having it guess the tempo automatically. Then, I can just walk over to my digitakt and record an unquantized drum loop that matches the rhythm of the guitar. Full blown jamming soon commences!

I can see this being very useful for coming up with song ideas. Thanks for the midi integration - it really is great, I was very worried about this since I wasn’t sure how married this device was to the beatbuddy. So far it seems to have all the same capabilities with another drum machine, except for the fact that changing patterns & fills don’t quite work (at least without some midi magic intermediary device to translate these codes to something the device can understand). I think pairing this with a midi footswitch would be best - I just need something to send multiple midi codes at once, so I can say switch the song part on the digitakt & aeros at the same time.

Alternatively, I suppose just having the digitakt handle everything and be the master would also work. I just need to send out the program change codes from the digitakt to the aeros looper. No need for a midi footswitch in that case, but it does take some setup - I kind of like playing the drums on the fly atm.

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