Static like interference.

bward BB suddenly developed an intermittent static type interference. Have deleted everything but the original presets but its still there. Help.

If you use headphones, make sure headphones volume is lower than master volume!

This may also be a power supply issue. Make sure it’s properly grounded.

Finally, this may be a license issue. Write an email to if you checked volume levels and power supply grounding and the issue is still not fixed.

Hi, I don’t know whether this the same issue as you are experiencing, but when I first used the BB it did the same thing ( a loud static) noise, i unplugged and turned the H/Phone Vol control full to zero a few times as I seem to recall a previous post saying plugged it back in and still making noise so I repeated the H/Phone Vol up and down (power on) It stopped making that noise and has not repeated it since. As I say just thought i would mention it

Thanks for the replies. Did as you suggested with the h/phone volume control and also with the three rotary controls. Unfortunately there was no improvement. Have emailed BB support and I am waiting a reply.

Have replaced sd card as advised but interference is still there. What can I do now? Can I go back and download card from BB website rather than copying my old card.

Does your screen show gray NO LICENSE text instead of the song name?

Bward…what makes you think it is the memory card that is causing the problems? You already replaced it and the problem didn’t go away, I think it’s time to look at something else. Power, cables, amp, speakers/headphones…

Everything is fine apart from intermittent static type noise. Scudd BB advised me by email to replace card. Can the interference come from the power supply.

Interference can come from your neighbor’s blender. Are you using the headphone out or the instrument out? Do you have anything connected to the input? Are you using the factory power supply? Are you plugged into the wall or a powerstrip?

Wondering has it anything to do with some of the songs I had downloaded from other users. Its only on the standard and brushes drumset. How do I go back to the beginning delete everything and start over?
Download the SD card backup and extract the files to your SD Card.

However can you hear the interference from the main outs or just headphones? I can hear digital noise on mine only when using headphones and only if the headphone volume is higher than the main volume.

Interference on h/phones and left and right outputs. Why would it only happen on standard and brushes drumsets. I think I have downloaded the sd card backup according to the instructions but problem is still in the new card. Dont know enough about computors to be comfortable with all the lingo thats used. Would need to be 30 years younger.

That is weird, I assume the “interference” is there when the headphone volume is off as well? Is there any combination of headphone volume and main volume that minimises it. Could you upload an audio sample so we can have a listen? I also assume that this sound is not there when using the manager software.
What could have changed since you got the BB? Have you changed the power supply, tried the BB in different electrical sockets, different locations? I agree with Scudd that if it is interference then it could be caused by anything :frowning:

Interference doesn’t make sense though when it’s only on certain drum sets. If some drum samples are fine, and other samples have static or don’t sound right, then I gotta lean towards issues with the sample files.


Any time I attempt to upload a soundbite, this message appears. Does anyone know any way around this?

Sorry the max attachment size is 1mb, you will need to upload to Dropbox or another cloud service and post the link.

This is wearing me out. I need to get this sorted. Pleeeeeeese.

@bward Please check your email inbox. You should see further instructions on what to do as a reply to your last email.

I wish to thank Jay the Beat Buddy roadie for his help in resolving my problem. I am still no wiser as to what caused it but I now have 3 fully functional sd cards. Have to acknowledge the help given by my youngest son Marcus. Alls well that ends well.

…As long as it doesn’t end in the well :slight_smile:

Great to hear your pedal is ok now!