STAX Keys & Horns kits (4 kits, aka STAX 4 Part kits redone)

STAX EPiano v2, STAX AcousPiano v2, STAX Organ v2, STAX Harpsichord v2

Revised STAX 4 Part kits - Mapping

Bass is P-Bass. Drums are the Logic So-Cal kit, as described below. I had to do some pitch shifting to get a full set of toms. Bass and drums are the same on all the kits. Bass is mapped at midi 0 through 31, for C1 through G3

Drums are as follows:

32 - Count in, a sticks/clave tone
33 - Hi Hat Foot Closed
34 - Snare Edge
35 - Alt Bass
36 - Bass kick
37 - Cross sticks
38 - snare
39 - claps
40 - snare rimshot
41 - Low floor Tom
42 - closed hats
43 - Low Tom 1
44 - Pedal Hats
45 - Mid Tom 2
46 - Hats Open
47 - Mid Tom
48 - Hi Tom
49 - Crash Left
50 - hi Tom 1
51 - Ride
52 - Ride Edge
53 - Ride Bell
54 - Tambourine
55 - Hit Hat Splash
56 - Cowbell
57 - Crash Right
58 - Crash Right Stop
59 - Shaker

Keys are mapped at 60 through 96, C-2 through C5. E Piano is a MK Iv with a touch of chorus. Acoustic Piano the Brandenburg Piano. Harpsichord was from something deep in my collection called Campbell’s Harpsichord. The Organ is a Hammond, called 2024 in my collection.

The Brass kit was put together using Garritan Jazz Band. There is a trumpet double with alto sax, and an octave below that, a tenor sax double with a trombone. These were processed into into samples and then made into a Logic EXS24 instrument. That whole thing is then run through a touch of reverb and delay at the output stage. I find the upper half octave of the brass to be a bit much, so use that judiciously.

There are all center panned. If you use both outputs, the drums do have some left and right pans, so you will get a bit of a stereo effect.

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