Stereo sound ping pong problems

HI there,

I came across a problem that I have no solution for. I run the Aeros in stereo mode to 2 amps/main output. When I play I can clearly hear e.g. my ping pong delay setting wandering from one amp to the other. But with the recorded signal, the effect is gone and I just hear the delay from both amps at the same time. Am I wrong with some settings?

Are you recording in mono?

No, I am using both inputs.

Well, Audio Output is set to Stereo, but there is no possibility to set the Loop Playback Routing to “stereo”, just Main Out. Anyway, the meter is showing to lines.
UPS - 1
UPS - 2

Problem solved. Didn’t think of the song settings, but just the main settings. In the particular song settings it was set to mono.