Still more Apple crashes with BBM

Hi all.
I’ve got a Mac Pro with 10.7.3 and I’m getting a crash when importing a song. It’s weird that I can drag and drop a song within BBmanager. But then of course the original is no longer in it’s folder. When I try the export/import method, the song file does get exported to my computer drive, but it crashes the BBM program on import. I did see something about a guy getting it to work on an Apple of my generation, but the post was from 2015 or something. He talked about reinstalling a project for each gig/setlist. But then I also read that a new project should only be instantiated once.

here: Export to SD Card forcing an “abort”

So if there is no recourse for me here, and I have to borrow my brother’s win10 laptop, do I have to wipe the Sd card and reinstall everything?

Another option I saw was to run bootcamp and get win XP going. But that was an old post and I remember seeing that Vista is now the oldest windows os supported.

Alright, hope you can help,
Eric Fischer

I seem to recall the minimum Mac OS for BBM 1.6.x being 10.9; don’t know if that’s correct or still valid. You could probably revert to but you would lose features, be subject to general bugginess and also possibly having to also regress your firmware version to 1.7.5. Probably not a good idea.

If you can no longer update your Mac’s OS, you might be able to run Windows 7 under Bootcamp but that’s a huge hassle. I would not bother with XP because of the security vulnerabilities you expose your Mac to.

The files on the SD card can be read by both the Mac and Windows 10 so no need to wipe the card. Never tried this as I don’t have Windows, but you might also be able to zip your bbworkspace folder and use it on a Windows 10 computer.

Do make sure that you are not trying to name songs, folders or projects with special characters, specially periods “.”

Hi Persist,
Thanks for the really quick reply. I read it soon after you posted it. Then I got the bright idea to try updating my macpro. There was a 2 gig update available. fifteen minutes later, after rebooting my great dual xeon, 12 gig behemoth is now a 45 pound paperweight that won’t even go to a screen; it just turns itself off after a minute or so.

So of course I’m typing this on my brothers laptop which I hope to use to find out how I can bring my mac back to life. Then I guess I’ll use it for BBm.

So here I go. Wish me luck.

There’s an article in Apple Discussions about restoring a Mac to the original OS it shipped with or to the latest OS your h/w can support. I think it involves having an Internet connection and rebooting your Mac using shift- (or was it option-) CMD-R.

Do you have the original graphics card? The newer OS versions require a graphics card with Metal support. if you don’t have that, it either a) won’t install, or b) won’t boot. Also, the OS needs to be installed on an HD that is not part of a raid array. As I recall, the OS also cannot be on a drive that is mounted in the PCI-E slot. You should not have any issues running an OS up through Sierra. High Sierra and Mohave have the Metal issue, IIRC.

And here’s the Apple Discussions article mentioned above:

Option-⌘-R is probably what might work best for you.

Thanks for the support folks! I have a cheap regular keyboard and the cntrl -r thing doesn’t work; so I’m going to Walmart and getting an Apple kybd. If that don’t work, I’ll take it back.
Till next time,

HI all,
Thanks the replies. I got the Apple keyboard; but the safe boot still doesn’t work.

I don’t know about my graphics card. I bought the unit from a guy on Craigs List. He was a comps/sci teacher that repaired macs in his spare time. He told me not to upgrade it…but I forgot! I really wish I still had his number because I’m sure he would know what the problem is. He lived up north of Tampa, maybe a good 2 hours from where I am now. But as it is, this thing just turns on, sit there, then turns off.
I don’t know if I have the jam to screw around with this thing today. But on the plus side BBm is working on my brother’s laptop and I have a set and a half of songs saved!
I’ll get back when I make some headway…Thanks,

I know little to nothing about Mac’s. I’m assuming the 2Gig update was physical memory(?) If so did you remove it and try to boot again? I have had issues with a Windows machine that had a similar issue of attempting to boot, give a series of coded beeps, and then shutdown. Failure of initial memory checks on boot. The times this has happened has been either the memory that needed reseating in the slots or contacts cleaned (cotton swab with DeOxit). If you had physically added a stick, is it possible another got disturbed?

Uh oh. Sounds like it could be a Hackintosh. If you know how, you can try starting up in Safe Mode and see what feedback that provides.

Did you get a backup copy of the OS on a DVD or have you backed up your computer from which you might be able to restore it?

If you can get it started up, you might still be able to re-install 10.7.3 using the previous Apple Discussions link:

Good luck.

Hey Persist,
Still no luck. I only paid $100 bucks for the thing. But it always ran great, and had the power and memory I was hoping to employ with my MOTU interface and DAW. If I take it to a shop, it will cost me more than $100 by far. I used to work in a shop repairing PC’s. Those I understood, but nothing I see on the web has been helpful for my Apple probs. Oh well, I’ll just carry on for the time being with this laptop I guess.

Your pal,