Stop start part transition

Is there a way of attaining the following - (without midi maestro)
Im playing part 1 out of 3, I want to select part 3 while still playing part one and use the stop start button to stop part 1 and transition into 3. It makes a much more interesting transition having silence in between parts so I can fill the silence with lead or vocals. The problem is when I have part 3 selected and I hit stop start it stops part 1 and starts part 1 even when I selected part 3. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all

If the looper has actually stopped the loop, you should be able to scroll through to part three (using the select button) then press the start button to begin part three. I’m not sure how much time you want for a pause but this is a lot of tap dancing. A midi controller can make your life easier in this case. Also, I’m not sure you can accomplish selecting a part until the Aeros is stopped (when a stop command had been initiated).

Yes I thought so, too much tap dancing. It will have to be a feature request I think. I have a midi maestro on order so that will fix that, I think it should work as I mentioned. I don’t see any point of selecting a different loop while playing and having stop start disregard what loop I selected and go back to current playing loop.

While playing, the only way to change song parts is to 1) scroll through to the desired song part (using the bottom left button) and 2) select that icon representing the part by pushing the bottom right button.

Hello, I replied on your feature request.