Stop using Right Foot Pedal Request

Where can I submit a request for BB to add stop to the right foot pedal? I can program an outro but I want to be able to just stop the beat. Has this been submitted already and we are waiting or do they refuse to add it. Seems pretty lame to have to try and pump the pedal 3 times to get the beat to stop.

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Interesting. I have used the right side button on the accessory pedal to stop (not pause) songs for years. I will let the experts here assist you.

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@jefgil6 are you triple tapping to get it to stop? I’d like to press it once to stop the beat.

So this didn’t work for you? It works best with one-press songs where the main song is placed in the Intro section and when you have a MIDI file (Null, Nil or Empty) in the Outro section:

That doesn’t address stop using the b side of the footswitch

You can’t just stop the song if you have outros enabled.
See another idea in this post

I’ve programmed my auxiliary foot switches to be “Stop” and “Pause” while the BeatBuddy is playing. If I want to stop a song immediately I hit “Pause”. That stops the BeatBuddy wherever it is in the beat and does not go to the outro. Then, at my leisure, I hit “Stop”, which prepares the BeatBuddy to go to whatever song I want to do next.

Works great for me. Maybe that will work for you?

@scott_s I don’t see an option to stop while playing. Where is it? What I did was disable outro and then programmed B side of the foot pedal for outro and it stops.

Sorry. Yes, you’re right. I was recalling the names from memory (always fallible) rather than looking at what they are called in the menu.

The two buttons I have programmed while playing are “Pause/Unpause” and “Outro Fill”. Pressing “Pause/Unpause” stops the BeatBuddy immediately. Then, while the BeatBuddy is “Paused” press “Outro Fill” to get the BeatBuddy ready to play another song.