Strange problem with manager

Hello guys. I have problem importing my wav files into drum kits. When i use these wav files that are already with beat buddy they work, but when i import my wav file that i created it doesnt make sound when played in some fill/intro whatever. I can hear it when i click that small play icon near sample, but as soon as i save drum kit it is not playing. My wav file is 24 bit. I tried every possible solution, 44 1, 48khz, 24 and 16 bit. What is the weirdest thing it only occurs on my wave files that i exported with Logic pro. When i use online converter to wav, everything is ok. What am i doing wrong?

Try quitting and then re-launching your BeatBuddy Manager or BBMO and check if that helps with the audio.

It’s more than likely an issue with the wav file’s metadata header. This link may point you in the right direction and in particular if you are using a Mac, you will have to run your wav file through a tag stripper utility to remove that metadata. You can download and use either Tag Stripper or NCH Switch. Trouble creating a new drum set with BBManager

Link to Switch:
Link to Tag Stripper: Mark V Apps