Streets have no name

Here is a beat / backing track for U2 streets have no name

Used it live in a duo , worked great ! in Db

link to drum kit below …Streets have no name.sng (3.0 KB)


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I was looking for this song and came across the old file. The kit is no longer available and the bass does seem off. Anyone with more talents than me can repost or redo?

If you checked here "Missing" drum kits from the Forum and couldn’t find it, give us the name of the kit and we’ll see what we can come up with.

If the kit can’t be found, it might just be easier to work up a new OPB version which I’m willing to do provided I can find a decent MIDI source file.

I zipped it and added it to the folder. The download in link #1 above worked, but it would not allow a preview. In any case, it is now in the archive.

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Got it - thanks…
Intro is in good shape.
The drum loop has no bass in it. If anyone could add one to it, that would be very much appreciated!!!

I’ll put an OPB together.

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