Strymon Iridium before Aeros?


I am getting a Strymon Iridium this week and I was wondering how to chain my setup.

Here is my plan:
Guitar - FX pedals - Strymon Iridium - Behringer UMC404 - Aeros - Looper

To clarify, I am using the UMC404 to be able to connect more instruments to the AEROS, I have 2 instruments going through the UMC404 into the MAIN IN of AEROS (Guitar & vocal FX processor TC Helicon Voice Touch 2) and a 3rd instrument (synth) going into the AUX IN of AEROS… I use the UMC404 because it is less noisy than my mixer)

Do you see any issues with this chain?
Also, should I put the input to Line In or Instrument on the AEROS?

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I take it you are using the Behringer as a mixer, and then want to loop everything that is going into your mixer.

The basic concept here is sound, but I see a potential problem with the effect of possible non-matching reverbs being introduced by your Stymon and the Voice Touch 2. Also then on the loops, you are going to need to experiment to see how that sounds. If you have any time based effects (delays, tremolos, etc.) you might have some interesting synchronization issues. But there is no real problem with the set up.

The Behringer should be giving you line level signals out. The Aeros would then have the input set to line.

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, correct, I am using the sound interface (Behringer UMC404HD) as a mixer.
That goes into the Aeros looper and then I send that to an actual mixer.

All time-related effects are midi-synced already, so no time-based issues should appear.

The Strymon Iridium is recommended to go direct to a mixer / PA. So I was wondering if I would ruin the Strymon Iridium purpose when sending the signal to the UMC404 first and then through the looper.

I am planning to use the 24 bits recordings from the Aeros. So NOT to record the guitar through the Behringer UMC404. Then, I also wonder if the UMC404 would introduce any noise into the looper?

If you aren’t using the UMC404 for recording, would it be possible to leave it out and run guitar, vox and keys to 3 aeros inputs?

If you were looping just a guitar, I would put the Strymon after the Aeros, so that all guitar was going through the amp simulator at the same time. But, that is what you are doing with your chain, to keep the vocals and synth out of the amp simulator. I don’t see an issue with that.

Having a pre-mixer go into a mixer is not uncommon. If the pre-mixer is of good quality, it will not introduce distortion. I used a pre-mixer for a percussionist to provide enough inputs for a band mix. I have seen other bands use similar set-ups for their members, essentially first getting a balance for each member, and then a balance in the mix.

If you could get down to needing just three inputs, I suppose you could use just the Aeros. But, I suspect you are getting a stereo signal out the synth, and possibly out of the Voice Live, too. In that case, using the Behringer as a pre-mixer to expand input channels for the Aeros makes sense.

Yep, all 3 instrument I run in stereo (using quality stereo effects).
Alright , I will test end of the week and hopefully it’s all good with the setup.
Thank you very much Phil! Really appreciated your help! :slight_smile:

One last question. What is the difference between the AUX in and MAIN in of the AEROS (in terms of quality / impedance /etc.). Of course one difference is that one is mono jacks L & R (unbalanced) and the other one stereo TRS jack (I guess balanced?). But does it matter which instrument/s I hook up to certain input?

As far as the quality of the Aeros inputs go, I believe they are all about equal. I don’t know of any designed quality differences, but I would ask the more avid loopers to weigh in on that. My experience specific to the Aeros has been limited.

Hey there, I don’t see any huge issue with your set up, please let us know how it works out, and we can work backwards see if there’s anything we can improve if you find an issue. As far as the Aux and Main output, they are both unbalanced, the Aux TRS Jack is not a balanced output.

By putting the Aeros in Line mode, you allow it to receive signals just as any PA would so there should be no issue running any device into the Aeros, just mind your gain staging.

Thanks Brennan! And how about the inputs, are they the same quality / impedance? Does setting line/instrument changes the input setting for both inputs (main & aux in).

@BrennanSingularSound, Just to lean in on this discussion, if I’m running my guitar into the Aeros using the stereo FX Send jacks on my amp, should I be using line-in or instrument for the input setting on the Aeros?

Line level, but there is a lot of variation and you might need to attenuate the signal. Try it. If it doesn’t clip, you are good.

Also, I strongly recommend occasionally running the Aeros at the front of your chain to loop a dry signal while you dial in a tone, levels, etc. With the Aeros aux routing, you can set this up once and make the switch via the aeros settings.

Aux in stays at line level, impedance settings only affect the Main inputs

Line in and like Quad said, mind your meter

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It depends on how you want to use the Iridium. If you tune as desired and don’t change from loop to loop, then put it at the end. If you change Irriduim settings on a per-loop-layer basis, then put it before.

Basically, are you using it as effect (irridium first) or as a replacement for the amp/cab (iridium last).

I will use it as a replacement for an amp, it should go at the end. It is arriving tomorrow! :slight_smile: I will let you know how it works :slight_smile:

It works great :slight_smile:

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Got mine yesterday. I was wondering why my guitar and effects sounded so poor going direct to interface without an amp. Your original post made the answer click in my head. I’m already a Strymon fan, so the choice became obvious. :slight_smile:

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Hehe right! Makes a huge difference, and it is versatile too!

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I think the 404 has inserts on the inputs – so it would be an option to have the Aeros in the insert loop.
For that you need a Tip-Ring-Sleeve jack in each insert port on the back of the 404. Look in the specs to get the cabling right - that can be a clean setup for some situations.

Hey, very nice idea! How does this setup change the quality or anything?

Quality will be the same, in general – but the flexibility could be helpful … it’s kind of like an effects loop, between any one of the inputs 1-4, and the inserts.
One constraint is – it is before any mixing to stereo – so for stereo Aeros, using, say 404 inputs 1 and 2, they would be like mono hard left(1) and hard right(2). If that’s what you want – or if you have reverb or other stereo-izing effects in that look - things could be different and better.

Also - I’m encouraging Aeros to add panning of INPUTS on the looper - so in the future you might be able to decide where Aeros input L and input R end up in a stereo pan before recording. THAT is a HUGE benefit - because even two looping tracks can sound much larger, with helpful separation.

Hope that helps a little.