SUb Standard Pro - Switch Norm (SUB-Std_Pro_SWN_Bass_62-91, and 0-31)

These are the Substitute Standard Pro kits. with the waves normalized in Switch. See the earlier post on SUB-Standard Pro for further explanation. These kits have the bass volume adjusted -5db. If you want more bass, there is room to go up. This includes the drums only kit, drums with bass mapped at 0-31, and drums with bass mapped at 62-91.


Thank you, Phil.

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Thank you Phil very hand kits to have

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Thanks for the great kits Phil… They definitely ad some more versatility to the arsenal… :beers:

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is that pro plain?

I believe that’s correct.

Oop, I was wrong.
Plain has wav files at levels as the came out of Logic Pro, using Goran’s levels as a guide. SWN has levels that normalized in Switch using a mathematical calculation to set the levels. In the SWN version some drums came out too loud, as the normalization didn’t really match the effect of velocity at the higher levels. Drums that are soft even when struck hard ended up being too loud.

do you know how to get that?

You mean the plain kt? That’s here:

If you meant something else, get back to me.

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what are those numbers? 62-91
Should I change anything to use those kits??

It is where the bass in mapped in terms of midi notes. 0-31 is one version, 62-91 is the other version. Midi notes range from 0 through 127. Songs that required standard pro with bass will need the 62-91 kit.

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thanks man

thanks for posting