Suddenly having a latency issue on pause and unpause

Ordinarily I feel like my pedal nails the pause and unpause dead on. I use an external pedal for this. Not midi, just a plain old 2 button footswitch. I have swapped my external pedal and cable but still the same. Anyway I swear when using my pedal, when I unpause, it’s like I’m hitting the one with the unpause switch (like ordinarily zero delay). Now there’s a noticeable delay. Also when pausing, I get a delay in that a high hat or whatever will play after the pause button is pressed. I have unplugged my midi cable, messed with the pedal press release setting, obviously cycled power several times, re-exported my project to the card, reinserted my card. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Check the pedal settings. The default for most is “act on release,” but I like Pause to happen on the “hit.” I have discovered a couple of things you can do to screw that up, including copying – not syncing – to the SD card.

I wish that was the problem. I’ve checked about 100 times and it’s set to press and not release. I’m about to just resign to the fact that I no longer can use pause and resume. Latest firmware btw.

Update: not sure if or how my firmware became corrupted but reloading whatever the latest is on the web fixed it. Hopefully this can help someone else. :v:


That is great news – thanks for letting us all know!

This problem has reared its ugly had again. Updating the firmware didn’t fix it this time. Stumped.

Also, I have switch 2 setup to pause and resume. Switch 1 plays outro and stops the song. Didn’t realize that while paused, switch 1 plays an accent hit. That is also significantly off I’m guessing 100-200ms. Not that I play an accent while paused (or ever) but if I wanted to, with that delay, it’s unusable so I’m sure something’s wrong. I have also tried 3 footswitches. All the same result.

You’ve probably tried this already but if not, give it a shot.

  • Reset your pedal to default settings.
  • Connect your remote foot switch and use the foot switch detector.
  • EDITED: Adjust your pedal settings to taste.

Are your remote foot switches latching or momentary?

If still not working properly, please contact

Though I think suggestions 1 and 3 are the same thing, yes, I have 100% tried all those things. Emailed support yesterday. I’m surprised nobody has encountered anything like this.

The pedals (which used to work fine) are momentary.

Not quite the same but I edited to clarify. Let us know what Support does to help you out.

So I got a response from support yesterday asking me to try a different cable and plug my power supply directly to the wall. I replied immediately (same result w the latency) but haven’t received a response yet. I’m growing concerned for upcoming gigs and wonder if I need to just go buy a new pedal. Please forgive my lack of patience. I just really need to get back up and running.

Since you have tried everything else so far, how about replacing your SD card with a new one?

Make sure your project on your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) is up to date. Place your SD card in your computer slot reader and format it to MS-DOS (FAT32). Do not use your pedal as an SD card reader connected via USB to your computer. Use the BBM to File - Export - Project to SD card. Test it on your pedal.

It’s a good idea for gigging musicians to have both a backup BeatBuddy (BB) pedal and SD card.

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I think I did one step further. I downloaded the sd backup from the web to make sure the issue has nothing to do with my project, songs, waves, etc. updated firmware again just for fun. Same result. Bought another beatbuddy today; should arrive in a few days. Do you repair them or I just need to sell this one as is?

I don’t think that Singular Sound repairs them but if they do, Support will probably respond to you separately (I’ve tagged them on this message).

Before selling it and if you haven’t yet re-formatted your SD card, I would do so as SD cards do wear and are in either need of a re-format or replacement. You can always test your new SD card when it arrives with your old pedal. You can try to sell it “as is” but not sure what the going price is going to be for one that may or not be repairable. Good luck.

Problem solved for real this time.
Related to Pause & Accent Hit are delayed...wasn't always the case
Friggin Voicelive. Long story short, Voicelive has a setting where the aux in causes latency. I never would have suspected that. Thanks to all.


If there were to be a moral to this story, it would probably have been “troubleshooting the issue by isolating the components and testing each component separately.”

Shame on me for not asking about the signal chain in use when the symptoms were happening.

Glad you figured it out and thank you for circling back to the forum to tell us how you fixed it.

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