Superior Drummer 3 as a MIDI groove editor for BB

I found out that I could use Superior Drummer 3 as a MIDI groove editor for BB.

Works like a charm with all the edit features in Superior Drummer 3 intact.

When I am happy with a groove I’d just built or found I just drag it from SD3 to BBM.

Only requirements are that you have to build a drumkit ( Or sample your own SD 3 sounds, like I’ve done ) that matches Superior Drummer 3 and connect MIDI in to BB from your MIDI interface so you can hear what you’re doing.

I now only use BBM for transferring the MIDI grooves to my BB.

Love it !


I love SD 3 and tend to run the app on a MAC with BB notes midi out into the MAC for the sounds from SD 3 and ease of BB songs.

I am going to try going the other way as you posted. One question I’ve had is figuring out how to take SD 3 sounds and build a drum kit that could be loaded into the BB pedal. Sounded like you have done this and was wondering if there were any tricks to exporting to build the BB Drumkit?

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Sorry bout the late reply…!

This is what I’ve done !

I just sampled the kit sounds that I liked in SD3.

I made a “MIDI” track in Studio One 5 that played each drum 15 times with velocity from 0 to 127. Then I just exported it as wave file and cut up all the samples and built a new Drum Kit in BBM with them with note values like SD3.

The REAL challenge is to shave off everything you don’t need ( Or hear ) in all those files cause you have only 100MB to work with which is one of the biggest ( or only, if it wasn’t for the lousy connectors ) drawback of BB. But that is a limitation of the hardware that can’t be hacked in any way.

It might not sound exactly like SD3s grooves due to the limitation of only 15 samples per drum. But you can always tweek it by editing it in SD3 at the same time as you listen to your BB with your own samples using the MIDI out feature in SD3.

I save all the grooves I like in SD3 in the user MIDI folder.
Then I monitor them using BB as a sound source and tweek to taste.
Much better sounds and thus grooves than the original BB.

To achieve full Pro quality kit sounds with BB we should have had at least 2GB per drum kit to work with, so we could use like 127 samples on every drum.

I uploaded a kit I’d made on the old forum but it is really only usable if you have MIDI grooves from SD3.

I am going to try and sample a new kit I made in SD3 and also a Conga kit, whenever I get the time for it :wink:

Cheers !

Hi Tobbe!

Since it’s release, we’ve been using SD3 as the editor for our BB: Amazing program! I’ve approached them about doing an interface/port to BB (like Groove Monkey) but no joy yet!

If you’re interested in seeing how we do it we’ll be posting some videos as soon as this month: Hit us through our website, links below.

Also, on our YT you can see us performing live with the BB.

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