Syncing stage lights with beatbuddy songs

Has anyone successfully synced stage lighting via midi with beatbuddy songs? I searched the forum and internet but couldn’t find any info of whether its even possible? I’ve found some midi to dmx converters but not sure if they are even compatible.

I’ve lurked alot here and learned a ton and appreciate anyones input.

Are you referring to syncopating the lights to the beat of the songs in the BeatBuddy or starting and stopping the lights with the BeatBuddy?

Maia (Ricardo) posted here about stage lighting and was looking for crowd sourcing but his Facebook page hasn’t been updated in about a year. Controlling stage lighting from BeatBuddy

The first thing that came to mind was Roland’s V-Link technology which uses midi but I’m not sure if there’s a way of using this with a beatbuddy or other general midi controller. Might be worth looking into, though.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I was thinking about a midi to dmx converter where the lights are triggered by midi commands in the bb.

Sorry I didn’t see this: Our Beat Buddy runs our light show. Ping me if you’re still looking, I can help.

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Hey Boss!

Did you get any further with this? I`m currently looking into how to make this happen…


Hi Joe, just saw this post from last yr. Have a small band that uses beatbuddy and trying to see how to control the lighting using midi. Start stop, change scene etc. Any tips?

I’m actually a bit surprised @BossRotten never asked the question, @Creedon. We use BB events to trigger a MIDI Solutions Event Processor to step through a series of scenes on a Chauvet Obey 40. The upside is it’s automatic and fully-programmable (if you’re not afraid to do a little MIDI editing); the downside is you get “A” new scene with each event, but you don’t get “A SPECIFIC” new scene. So far, no-one’s noticed.

This video does a decent job of showing off my Beat Buddy’s skills as a gaffer, if you want to see what it looks like: (ignore the audio sung problem – seems to be a YouTube conversion issue of some sort).

I’m unavailable most of the day today, but if you want a walk-through of what I’ve actually done, let me know, I’ll get back to you later this weekend.

Wow thanks very much Joe, sounds good would be great to find out more :+1:

Hey @Creedon!

I knew I had talked about this at length here somewhere, and I have found the thread: Stage Lights. The actual interesting (??) technical bits start at the fifth entry, here: Stage Lights.

Any questions or thoughts, go ahead and ask them here or, better yet, on the other thread, because you might get a better perspective from @JerryAshton, with whom I had the original conversation.

I’m here all week. Try the veal.

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Perfect, thanks!

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