Tempo Slider in Manager

I’m running Manager and can’t figure out how to see the complete “BPM” number related to the slider at the top of the window–it is only showing the single digit, no tens or hundreds. So, in other words, I’m only seeing 0-9 BPM as I slide up and down the range of the slider–it is omitting the hundreds and tens from the number. I’ve tried maximizing the window, which does not help. I’ve uploaded a screenshot to help explain . . .

Does the Tempo slider show anything when the song is playing? What about when you adjust the Default Tempo: up or down?

For example, if I adjust the Default Tempo: (underneath “Rock 1”), the Tempo Slider: conforms to the BPM set in the Default Tempo: field.

Does anything else not work as expected?

Yes, I can see where the BPM slider is actually at by moving the Default Tempo (I only see a “ones” digit by the slider, but it correlates with the default tempo). Still problematic I can’t see the actual tempo on the slider’s control.

Hmm. At this point can only think that something might have gone wrong somewhere in the BBM install.

Remove/delete this version of the BBM as well as the bbworkspace folder and download a fresh version of 1.6.5.

If the tempo displays correctly on the pedal for Rock 1, no need to download the default content however, if it does not display all of the tempo digits, delete the content from the SD card, download the default content, unzip and copy to the top level of the SD card.

Reinstall the BBM and when done, insert SD card in your computer and use the BBM to Open Project by navigating to your SD card.

Does the BBM display all tempo digits now?

Do I need to take any actions to backup songs I have already created and downloaded at this point? All in the user folder right?

Assuming that the pedal properly displays the tempo digits AND, if you have one project and if it happens to be current on your SD card, this can serve as your backup. But, if the project on your BBM is the most current, you should synchronize to your card.

If, though, you have several projects in your bbworkspace user_lib, back up just the projects in your user_lib folder. You can do so by dragging the project(s) folder(s) to a new folder on your desktop.

Here’s a screen shot of the two projects in my user_lib folder. You could just drag just those two project folders (high-lighted in blue) into a new folder on your desktop instead of the entire user_lib folder.


I found the solution to this and other screen resolution issues . . .