Thank You by Dido

Hi I am looking for a drum beat for “Thank You” by Dido. I am no drummer, but I read “Thank You” uses the Pinturillo Woop sound. Again, not being a drummer, I am just looking for something that comes close to that beat. It’s pretty cool. I also read Snoop Dogg sampled the beat of “Thank You” on his song “Round Here” from his 2006 album, The Blue Carpet Treatment.
Would appreciate any help on this song.Thanks

I previously worked this song up and it’s here: Thank You DOP, OPB, OPBk 2018-01-03 - Dido The v1 version has the cuica.

I’ve found some new source files for this song and I’ll work it up in different one-press versions.

The Pinturillo Whoop is probably also known as a cuica.íca

+1. It’s a Cuíca.

Very interesting article that explains the Cuíca. I downloaded the V1 version and found the Standard Pro drum kit. Sounds good to go. Thank you…much appreciated

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