Thank You by Dido

Hi I am looking for a drum beat for “Thank You” by Dido. I am no drummer, but I read “Thank You” uses the Pinturillo Woop sound. Again, not being a drummer, I am just looking for something that comes close to that beat. It’s pretty cool. I also read Snoop Dogg sampled the beat of “Thank You” on his song “Round Here” from his 2006 album, The Blue Carpet Treatment.
Would appreciate any help on this song.Thanks

I previously worked this song up and it’s here: Thank You DOP, OPB, OPBk 2018-01-03 - Dido The v1 version has the cuica.

I’ve found some new source files for this song and I’ll work it up in different one-press versions.

The Pinturillo Whoop is probably also known as a cuica.íca

+1. It’s a Cuíca.

Very interesting article that explains the Cuíca. I downloaded the V1 version and found the Standard Pro drum kit. Sounds good to go. Thank you…much appreciated

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Hi, Thank You by Dido. I have a problem using the version you sent me as I have to keep my Intro enabled in order for the song to play on my Beatbuddy, I don’t want to keep the intro enabled. When I come in with the beat buddy I like to come in on the first beat as some of my songs require a stop and start immediately, ex. Stray Cat Strut. For this song and others, I have to turn the intro off in Beabuddy. Also, some songs I play the intro without the drum beat and then I come in with the beat. So you see, I need to disable the intro on all my songs on beat buddy to do this. The problem is when I disable the intro on Thank you the song doesn’t play at all. No sound…Playing out live it would take too much time to enable the intro. Acoustic guitarist/singer here. Thank you …Love this song, hoping to keep it in my set. Ginger Lee

Easy fix. Use the BBM to move the Intro to the Outro. All you have to do then is double-tap to start the song. If what I said doesn’t make sense, I can make the change in the morning.

The song has been added to the original thread Thank You DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)

Here’s how to do this on your own:

Hi persist
I dragged the file down using your example. It worked …Also downloaded the file you added for Thank You, haven’t tried that one yet, but will get to it soon. Thank you so much for your help. I learned how to move from intro to outdo…pretty cool for me since I absolutely have not been able to do any editing until now . So thanks again

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