The “missing” editor for the BeatBuddy—finally available



Was it the Kobayashi Maru?


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Hi guys,

We want to thank Andrew for the incredible work he’s done on this editor, we have been closely eyeing it since it appeared on the forum and were greatly impressed with the application and his professionalism.

We’d also like to thank all of the deeply committed and passionate customers that have given us crucial feedback over the years. It has challenged us to do better.

We are happy to announce that the BBFF is now the BeatBuddy Manager Online application. It is free to use and open to the public, no sign-up required.

We have tested the application thoroughly and find it to be working remarkably well, we apologize that we couldn’t announce or talk about it sooner, but here we are!

Have fun! :musical_score: :musical_note: :notes:


Wow this is a welcome addition! just wondering if Andrew got hired to the dev team? I really like the way he handles fixes and bugs. He’s very responsive and gets the job done.


Agreed I didn’t even buy the app or subscribe to the online manager he built but he was incredibly helpful and always replied to my queries. I hope he has a decent agreement in place with Singular sound, his efforts deserve to be rewarded.

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@andrew13 was definitely taken care of and we are in contact in case we need anything from him, while we do not disclose our private dealings you are free to ask him privately

We agree!

We understand you guys have seen a bad track record with the quick fixes for the BeatBuddy manager but the reason was a lack of a platform to work on. We will be providing equal levels of support and it is also free to the public now.

Please keep the new thread on topic, we are there to discuss the future of the project as a Singular Sound product.

Thanks for your concerns!