The pedal doesn't power on

Hi guys, I just received my Beat Buddy, super excited to get-er-goin’, and it won’t even power up !!! Unplugged it 4-5 times, plugged it back in, pushed all the buttons I could push, removed the SD card a # of times, tried different cords… No Go !!! Any suggestions ? :cry: :cry:

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Try another power supply? You need at least 300 mA for the pedal to power on successfully. Better use 500 mA.

Re: Won’t come on !!!

The power supply that came with it is 500 ma… tested it with the VOM, and its fine… but I did try another power supply, still no go !!!

Re: Won’t come on !!!

I think you’d better contact support directly at
Sorry to hear your unit is not functioning properly. But may be there is a simple fix to your problem.

Support will definitely help you!

OK… Sorry…lets try this again… the power supply that came with the beat buddy is faulty (apparently my personal VOM was faulty also) I tested it at work and there’s no power… and I’m having an awful job to find another adaptor with the proper voltage and amps… I checked with a number of local vendors, and they would have to order one in, for another $45…
Please help !!

I remember when I received my unit, I just went straight to the local music shop and bought a power supply I first saw for what would be like $11. I can’t believe your experience differs so much. Just take the pedal with you when going to a shop, grab the cheapest power source (note, it must be 9V DC center negative - if this matches, you won’t burn your pedal).

Just try powering it on right in the shop and buy the one that works!

Hi… Finally got the unit powered up, apparently my brother had a number of old power adapters kicking around, and we got one similar and it works… :smiley: :smiley: Although it shows very little on the screen, only, "No SD Card, Genres, Song type " … BUT, now when you put the SD card in, the damn think blinks 3 - 4 times and powers off… :x :x i picked up a new SD card, went to your site, downloaded all the files, and tried it again, figuring it was a faulty card…No Luck !!! So, needless to say, i’ve spent almost 2 days F**king around with this thing, and im frustrated to hell… Now im wondering what to do with it… send it back, keep it for a door stop, throw it out and take the hit, I don’t know !!! I figured I’d invest in this and help out, but now I think I should have waited till it came on the market, and paid the extra… at least if it didn’t work, I could bring it Back !!!

Picked up a new power supply at the local music store for $28… seems to b working fine… a couple of times, she reverted to the headphones screen, while hooked up to my PA, don’t know why, anyway, powered it off and on, and it came back to the normal start up screen… seems good so far…
Sorry for the torment… just very excited to get and try it… and for it not to work, especially on a long weekend, most stores closed, my beat buddy staring me in the face, and not being able to use it !!! Well, I’m sure u can understand… :oops:

Hi Rod,

Very sorry to hear of your troubles. If you will email us at we will be happy to mail you a new power supply. If you download the SD card files from our site, make sure you unpack the .rar file and put the folders inside it on your SD card. If you can’t unpack the .rar files you can download a free software to do that at

If you still have problems, please email us at

Again, sorry to hear about the hassle.

All is good now,… Thanks David… Now that I have the beat buddy working properly, its awesome. Thanks again, and good luck with the rest of your venture…

Help requested.
FUBARed the FW update & now stuck in the “no power” zone.
Sounds like a PowerFix SD is needed? Can I get an IMG, ZIP, RAR or any other compressed code to burn to SD to fix ASAP?
Other posts mention additonal steps will be needed (license/serializing?)
Other than that, if I can fix it today SLAMMING!!!
I’m wicked excited to take it busking in LaJolla today!!


having the same problem. it seems that the beat buddy comes with cheap power supplies. at first i though it just went on standby, but now wont power up. crossing fingers that it is not the main unit since i’m from PH.

If your power supply is defective, please email us at - and we will arrange for a new one.

Haven’t used the unit for 3 months , and its less than 12 months old, the unit will not power up at all, I’m using the power adapter that was supplied with the unit, whats the next step?

Hi John. The next step is to update your firmware to 1.8.5 and see if this works. Make sure the SD card and power tip are fully inserted.
If that doesn’t work, please email and put a link from this thread in your email.