Time - Pink Floyd

Hello there, is there a usable version of Time from Pink Floyd somewhere ?

I have one but not really usable. Can’t sync correctly with the outro part.


Scroll down towards the end of this Stones thread and you will see links for Time Drumset.DRM and Time.sng… You will need both to make it work… Another guy made them quite a while back in the days of the old forum, and Brice2nice posted them here in that thread for me as my original files had disappeared… It even has the real clock and chimes sampled from the song… :beers:


Whoops, it looks like the links have expired…

Hi El_Gordo. This is the one I refer to in my post. I have it but not really usable as it is.

Thanks for your answer.

I hear ya, I am not very good at tap dancing to switch the different sections of a song at the right time… I often find that I am too focused on what I am playing and lost inside the song to pull it off properly…

If perhaps someone that knows how to do it like @Persist or @Phil_Flood, etc, could stitch it together into a OPB version, that would be fantastic…

If I were to do this, I might approach it thusly:

  1. Use a wav file loading into an instrument slot to play the alarm clocks intro
  2. the main body of the song is in a midi file I have at 128 BPM. That seems pretty good. I just listened to it and the Pink Floyd version from Dark Side back to back.
  3. I could figure out a way to string 1 and 2 together to have a pretty clear indication of where one would start to play. You could just wait to where the vocal starts, depending on how the BB track was crafted. If desired, we could make the guitar solo section looping and you could noodle over it for as long as you like. Obviously I would need to find suitable break points for where we could loop.
  4. The ending (Breathe) is slightly problematic. In that decent midi file that I have, it drops to 122 BPM.

Option 1) Ignore the tempo change and do the whole thing at 128. This keeps the visual metronome on track for the whole song, but will differ from the recorded version.

Option 2) Use midi time stretching to get a virtual 122 BPM. This keeps the song more closely aligned with the recorded version, but the visual metronome will not line up with the measures. This means that once you hit the Breathe section, you would have to rely upon your ears to keep track of the beat, kind of like musicians do.

This piece could then be done as “drums only.” You’d still have the clocks intro. Or is could be drums + bass, or it could be some sort of full arrangement with everything except lead guitar and vocals.

Buy, you know, if that’s just karaoke, or “reworking a midi,” then it’s probably not worth doing, as this isn’t exactly MY favorite band to play.

Thank you for giving it consideration Phil_Flood, and this is just my 2 cents worth of opinion…

As for thought 3), I would lean towards keeping the guitar solo section the same as the original length of the recorded version, as sometimes much like the way Gilmour crafts a solo, less notes but played a certain way to convey emotion, can actually be more…

As for thought 4), I would lean towards Option 2), as I feel like it would be nicer to have that slight slowdown from 128 BPM to a virtual 122 BPM for the Breathe section, it’s subtle, but still conveys a feeling… and I rarely look at the visual metronome anyways…

Usually I load up the OPB versions, but I get why some like the the DOP versions… It’s just for my situation, all of my favorite bass players to jam with are either dead, or have moved too far away… :beers:

Thanks for the cues @Phil_Flood and @El_Gordo

I’m gonna give it a shot. It’ll require a custom kit.

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Thanks again for doing this one Phil_Flood…

Skol… :beers:

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