Time signatures missing on BB pedal screen. Won't play

The other day I was scrolling down through songs fairly fast and had it do the usual white screen and then reboot. But when it came back, the time signature on the screen on the pedal itself was gone for all songs and it would not play. I also couldn’t navigate into the parameters part of the pedal either. I went back and reloaded onto this SD card and put it back in after a little bit if correct itself. Anybody ever see that before? I’ve got a fairly old firmware on the pedal and I couldn’t even tell you what it is off the top of my head.

Update your firmware PLEASE

You will find that here.

Follow the directions on the post and please let us know if after updating the problem persists, thank you!

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I’ll update. I’m just afraid of things going haywire. This covid thing gives me time to do this. Thank you!

Nothing should go haywire! In fact I’m hoping it will fix your issue :slight_smile:

Great! I’ve never actually seen haywire, but it’s probably pretty nasty.

That’s funny! I actually used haywire to hold my pedals to one of my pedalboards. It’s good stuff till it gets tangled.

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