Track deleted itself and project would then not load

Today I was using the Aeros (latest firmware version, updated just before I started using it) and encountered what I believe to be a bug. Below is a description of what happened:

  • I was working on a 6x6 project. On song part 1 there was 6 tracks all populated, some with overdubs. Track 1 was locked.
  • I stopped the playback and went away to make a coffee and a snack, leaving the Aeros on with Song Part 1 Track 1 as the active track. The project had been saved to SD. I wasn’t keeping track of time, but I estimate I was away for approx. 20 - 30 minutes.
  • When I returned, I pressed play to start working on the project again, however, Song Part 1 Track 1 was missing, the audio I had recorded there was not playing and no waveform was displayed in track 1 on the screen.
  • I tried re-playing a few times, changing track and navigating back, etc. but nothing changed.
  • I then decided to simply try and re-load the project, however, at that point the project could not be loaded at all. I see the following error:

Failed to load current song, attempting to load another song. If no valid songs are found, we will create a new default song to load.
  • This persisted after turning the device off and on again. Other projects load fine.
  • I looked at the project files on the SD card, and there are no .wav files named CHASP1T1 or CHBSP1T1 which I believe means the audio was genuinely deleted by the device. The .wav files for the other tracks in SP1 were all there as expected.

I do have a copy of the project that I am happy to provide to the support team if that is helpful. Also happy to provide any other details I can.

My assumption is that I have encountered some bug related to leaving the device idle for a period of time, but of course this is merely speculation on my part.

Was track 1 locked?
I’m asking because several of us have seen similar behavior with track 1 content disappearing and then the song being corrupted and not loading similar to what you’re experiencing, you can see what our experiences were here:

If you think your experience may be related, perhaps it may be helpful to let the support team know that, but up to you (


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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response. Track 1 was indeed a locked track; I should have mentioned that in the initial post and will edit it now to include that in case it is useful for support. Having read the thread you linked, this does indeed sound like the same issue. Good to see that Singular Sound have acknowledged it and are looking into a fix. In the meantime I will get in touch with the support team to let them know.

Hi there, I wrote a response on the other thread, hopefully this fix is the same for your use case, we will be posting the beta to the forum soon!

Thanks for your patience

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Thanks for getting back to me Brennan, it’s much appreciated. Great to hear it looks like there may be a fix deployed soon. I’ll look forward to trying the new firmware out.

This should now be fixed on 5.2.0 which is out as beta now!